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Oh god, they look great together. Trish is just so molestable.

Obviously Trish will become Jade's boy toy. :P
Like from that movie, Stay Alive. Except she was old. you draw her far better. :]

I love the bloody rampages you send your characters on. They keep things entertaining. ^^
Rocky horror? :O

Me too! On halloween! At my college. We all dress up like we're the shit, and make a big deal out of it. :3

Have fun, whenever you see it. :]
That title reminds me of that play "the Importance of being Earnest". It's hilarious. They do the whole "Berries and cream" bit. xDD

Anyway, don't mind my randomness! Great comic. :3
September 4th, 2007
Thank god you've posted a new page! :]

I missed Kizzy and her extra servings angst, cliffhangers, and teen torture. XD
Nice comic! I've really enjoyed it so far, so please keep it up! :P