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Hello there! I'm a college student who wants to start a Pokemon Nuzlocke webcomic and I'm finally taking the first step to it.
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All Caught Up!
asdfjkl; Okay, I started Weaponry a couple days ago and I'm finally all caught up and I wanted to tell you I LOVE how it's going!

It's a really neat idea having the readers vote for routes and I love how you're able to change narration and even art style based on the character's views. :D Totally blows me away how you can upload a page a week that's full colored and so detailed like your pages!

Of course my ships totally changed too. X'D I love the idea of Arrow x Target (and thank you for that ship pic on your dA), but after seeing how loving Trebuchet and Target are, I shipped them.

Wasn't too keen with the Arrow x Gun ship since it was just a one time thing, but I liked how Gun "saved" Arrow (I'm so glad Arrow has that power to where he saved himself), but his attitude toward that power threw me off of that ship completely.

Very understandable attitude, but I loved how Shrapnel worked with his attitude and is motivating him in this page. >u< I do love Gun x Blade though~. Gun has finally come to terms with his gayness. <3

I'm glad the recent vote chose this option, I think the lined up ships are perfect~. I can't wait until the next page for tomorrow. I'll keep my eyes out for your fundraiser, the next vote, and the next chapter. :D

Thank you SO much for creating such a captivating story and refreshing characters! I'm a total fan now. (Sorry for the long comment too, hehe. <3)
The left one! My curiosity must be satisfied.
D'aww, Rudolph. Someday others will see you for the reindeer you are.
Nice blog too. ;w;
December 7th, 2013
D'aww, they're just both so adorable. :'D
December 6th, 2013
Oh my gosh, nooooo. D':
December 6th, 2013
Aw, I love how things are going. ;w;
December 6th, 2013
Whoa, I just caught up reading. Great story so far! I am really enjoying it. :D

(Oh no, I wonder if he lost his leg now though...)
Great update! I love reading this comic!

And ohoho, I also wonder who Morty could be talking to. c: