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Drawing is quite a passion to me, try my best to make it look great. Plus I believe color gives life to images, that's why I prefer a colored manga rather than a black/white one.
Visit my deviant page to see more of my art if you want :D.
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New Cover :D! Today marks the 8th Anniversary of Mage Scion! Thanks for bearing with the fact I haven't uploaded, but I will soon! Promise :D! And specially thanks to the love of my life, Paulinna ;D!
Thanks MayelV. Glad you like it =)
Wow awesome cover! The background is amazing :D! The wood feels so alive =)
Damn drawers block hehe, but also I've been very busy with work and studies hehe. But here's a new update!

Thank my muse Pau for making me feel inspired to draw hehe.
Birthday boy Updated!
Well tomorrow's my bday so wanted to upload the next page 'cuz next week I might be very busy hehe.

Light effect are difficult :S, oh well, like Lily, did my best :D.
Been having the best days of my Life :D!!! So of course I haven't paid attention to the comic hehe...oops....but hey, classes are almost gonna start for me again, so I'm gonna hurry up and update as much as I can hehe, next update is soon!!

Well that's kinda the plot, no? heh
:D thanks ai ataru and abelgk XD
Glad you liked it Ai Ataru =)
Wohoo! another update!
Zayne's pseudo past. I just love drawing Ela :D!
I'm terribly sorry I haven't updated! 4 months...god :S. Well I was very busy with work and such, and an artist block came to me :S. Also, I met a girl, she has become the center of my that's another reason no updates hehe. But now I feel pumped up! So I'll resume my webcomic responsabilites now =)!
Great story, I'm a fan already =)
Meago wow! I have followed you since deviantart, hehe didnt know you had another comic besides Meago Saga, it awesome I love it :D!
Hehe she really is hehe
Happy New Year
First upload of the year, awesome.

Seems Reiven will pop up the words, wait...he doesn't know that she...Uhoh. Plot-thicker-technique! Hyah!

Well my hand is freezing......hope the cold stops soon.
Christmas is 5..4..3..2...
Update! hands have been way to cold this december...(as Bioshock game also...:ajehm: ) but I promise I'll give another update before the end of year, if I can I'll do two.
Near end of school
Sorry I haven't updated, finals are coming and work's a total b**ch. But here's the new one, so enjoy!

Selphe now really looks like the one on the front page =)....actually this page is in a way just fan service and filler...oh well. Oh and I'll probably make a new Front Page for the comic, maybe.
Hallows Eve art
Sorry I havent updated a new page, but been busy with my extracorricular activities-hallows eve and all.

But to make it up to all heres a little pic of Emma (sexy pumpkin), Nanaly (Sexy witch) and Linah (Sexy Goth Nurse)...oops forgot lily.

Happy Hallows Eve to all. Have nice trick or treating and for those who actually celebrate it, stay away from 'Earth' magic...please.
Ahoy , land 'ho
Updating smoothly? Hmm. Let characters. Go see the cover for a hint, possibly the cover will change also.
The weapons are the Krow Enforcers themselves, that's the joke of the warship. And no it's not throwing, that's just a passing by cloud.