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The images for this page were a little simplistic, so I decided to experiment with some animation to pep things up. Let me know if its working ok (not sure how the glowing effects readability).

man in black: :)

re doom Bubbles: Hmmm, I've always imagined Bahamut as being in a permanent dreamlike state, so the dolphin example is somewhat apt. He's only a metaphorical fish, so he can break some biology rules.

re StellaFrost: More about Lucien and Drake's actions on the next page :)

re AmazingMaB: Thank you for all the support and your patience with the slow updates!

re IronDog: Thank you! With the low update rate I feel like I owe you guys some effort when I do get new pages up.

re Eva Emaria: Solifidians usually stay in the form they die in (unless they have species specific lore like werewolves). Dragons usually prefer their true form, so the majority pass on as dragons. Families who have relatives who die in human form often try to build large graves to approximate the size of their true form.
Updates are still limping along. Looks like things are going to be pretty busy until the end of March, but things might pick back up after that.

Joan tries to be comforting with some platitudes, but it backfires.

On the plus side, some info about Solifidian afterlife systems. Tried to show a variety of species for practices.


re Xylas_Incarnum: he is very very dead.

re man in black: poor tragic baby

re Imola: its a fitting parting "gift" for a dragon, although Drake doesn't see it that way.

re Onasaki: thanks!

re Arrikanez: be careful Aylis, sad dragons are cranky dragons

re Eva Emaria: Drake is the edgiest of edgelords.

re doom Bubbles: gonna be... wicked sick... x_x

re StellaFrost: It has been a while since Drake's brother has been mentioned. I'll be sending back an email reply shortly :)

re Kadtie: thanks, I try to at least put some effort into faces on simpler panels.
Eek, delayed again this time. Will try to pick the update pace back up.

You guys remember poor Lucien, right?

Joan was doing that annoying concerned hovering thing, so Drake decided to just air things out.


re Eva Emaria: it got real dark real fast

re man in black: Nope, it;s tied into his TRAGIC BACKSTORY

re Xylas_Incarnum: Drake would probably be willing to use cheap shots, but might not know too many since he's used to being able to just turn into a dragon if things get too dicey. Joan at least has her median powers to fall back on.

re Onasaki: I try to remember to draw it in whenever his forearms are bare (its easy to forget though >_<), but usually don't draw it if he's got long sleeves on. He could theoretically hide it elsewhere if he wished though.

I should check in on Kyle soon. Poor fellow.

re StellaFrost: got it this time and just sent a reply!

re Arrikanez: I;ve discovered that I don't have much flare for RPing, but the forum is still up if folks want to use it.

re Kadtie: I really struggled doing both fencing and kendo at the same time because the footwork and attitude are so different. Sensei used to constantly boop me over the head because my back foot would drift out of position.
That weapon bracelet has been around for a while, hasn't it?

Working on bringing updates back up to a once a week schedule. Also reviving the communication stuff that had gone dead during the long hiatus. There will be some lovely fanart popping up soon that is overdue for sharing!


re Eva Emaria: Footwork is so important though. All the bladework in the world won't do you any good is you aren't where you need to be (plus its pretty decent exercise for us modern folks)

re pfmoi: its a big old world outside of that little village.

re man in black: Time for drill sergeant mode!

re Imola: Being a jerk is an asset when doing drills.

re Arrikanez: hopefully she'll learn enough to use the sword safely, but she won't be battling vampires anytime soon.

re StellaFrost: Hey Stella, Sorry but I can't find the forum pm. Could you try again (Smackjeeves PM or I'm still getting things like that up and running after the long hiatus. Opportunities for Sierra to pop up will be soon!

re Xylas_Incarnum: It is pretty foundational training at this point :) Drake touched on it a bit, but even with years of training she wouldn't stand much of a chance against Solifidians with any superhuman physical traits. A lot of this is to get her out of the "danger to herself and others" category with such a potentially dangerous blade. She won't be having and dramatic battles anytime soon, but there may be some clever uses in the future.

re WinterGold: I've got a tumblr (Daidaishar there too) but I mostly use it to repost random things I find funny so I can find them again. You can feel free to contact me there if you like. I've also got an email set up for this comic: I've been neglecting it a bit during the long hiatus, so I've got a few fanarts that need to share from there too. I'll probably be posting those soon too.
October 12th, 2017
I think the effort really paid off. It feels like a real lived-in space.
How dare he interrupt the poor dear's drink!
Another slightly self-indulgent fencing page. The next page will be more story oriented.

Footwork is murder on the legs. Lots of moving around in a partial crouch. Poor Joan.


re pfmoi: I think most folks are so used to playing with toy swords and not actually hitting that switching to really trying to hit is a tough change.

re man in black: Yes, Drake's still not used to not having nice armored scales anymore

re Imola: Agreed about Drake. There was some twisting in the pose that went wonky, but at the point I noticed how off it looked, if was too late for an easy fix. ah well.

re StellaFrost: I can't spend all this time building it up and then do nothing, cant I :)

re Eva Emaria: Bats would be such a cheap move! Imagine focusing on an opponent when they suddenly explode into bats in your face.

re doom Bubbles: can't stab them all!

re Arrikanez: here's another update for you!

tRickityHouses: Glad you're still reading and enjoying!
The markings on the god's hands are gorgeous!
Starbucks is probably best for everyone involved. I doubt she'd punch a human barista, no matter how much she's craving coffee.
September 27th, 2017
Poor fellow. His audience doesn't seem to have enjoyed the story as much as we did.
So that's why they keep their hair so long!
From what I've heard about the treatment of the Emishi, invoking the emperor was probably a bad idea.
Superhero stress has got to be murder on all sorts of delicate modern appliances. How many coffee makers has she gone through?
Zilck is everything a fratricidal prince could want in a subject, of course he can do no wrong.
September 20th, 2017
@Maro-King: Let him hear, I fear no bun buns! (that is a blatant lie, Watership Down is the only movie I remember giving me nightmares when I was little)
September 20th, 2017
bun bun it is! (his serious face only makes him cuter)
Putting in the effort to give them all distinctive face shapes really paid off!
I love the slime monster's expression in the last panel.
Love the scratchy insanity wolves!
We humans are pretty skilled at entertaining absurdities.