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Rebecca & Sara
mwahahahaha We like yaoi and yaoithing
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i'm so so so sorry i have not been active!
lol sorry for not being active cause i am lazyy...but one

but here is a page i will try to be active soon
It has been a year since i made him up
i like glasses they are hot! or cute!

OTL your right on the pen!
I know!!! it is lazy

yes that is (insert name here till i get it cause i forgot)

i know it is lazy...i hope it looks okay..and won't bind you...OTL

i need to try harder....

*in emo corner*
Suzume5245@: i got it!
lol he is awsome!

i like his perk lol.

-rolles on ground thinking off idea for a page-
Name: Harly

Age: 17

Race: bunny/rabbit

Height: 5'6"/167.6 cm

Weight: 109 lbs/49.5 kg

Blood Type: AB-

Favorit Food: carrots

Favorit Color: Pink

Likes: apples,strawberries, orages, Friends, Drawing, Chocolate, Cream, milk, red, blue, green, and boys

Dislikes: Nothing much

Personality: He is very kind boy how loves to venture. He is very shy around new people. He can be very annoying at times but he is a heart of gold.

Name: Kyla

Age: 14

Race: puppy

Height: 5'4"/162.6 cm

Weight: 100 lbs/45.5 kg

Blood Type: A+

Favorit Food: Fruite

Favorit Color: Pink

Likes: Fruit, meat, milk, pink, white chocolate,hanging with friends, boyfriend, kissing, girl clothing, shopping ....ect...

Dislikes: meanies

Personality: happpy-go-lucky boy, loves to have fun. Meet new people, and is really shy around the one he has a crush on. Can't stand being out of whatever anyone is talking about. Has to be in the middle of everyones way half the time. Loves to get huggles and give them.
Hello i'm here and telling everyone that yaoi house to is open.

well there info will be up soon.
well kai_kitty you'll be invited to yaoi house 2 okay
i will but i will have to invite you to the new yh2 okay

the new one is for me not to go through all the pages to delet.
sorry for short notice.
Matt x Feth i thought it was cute. so i drew something like that one pic cause it was cute so i started drawing and then here it is...
Well tehe truth is nano can't know........swim she doesn't tell anyone that she can't she uses a yellow flowty....

awww kyo meanie....

sorry kai_kitty i just autherized you!!!!

cool page
omg that is reallly funny i
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*Fall and rolling on ground*
cause she would want him to notice her