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Because you are at the end.
I have stopped drawing this story for the moment.
I've been drawing... it just wasn't the manga .-.
@Chibi: Planning on it but I cant make any promises x.x

Learning maya, zbrush, and unity so... busy xD
@Trinkuh: It will be unblocked out when its revealed in the story. Just blocking the spoilers.
@Nocta: Good, been trying to keep to a weekly update xD
@rnr96: mk send me ur email through smackjeeves.
@Angry_Angel: that'll be my last resort. its not always accurate though it gets the message across id prefer the proper translation.
no pages done sorry .-. im redrawing the first dozen pages or so. fixing the styles and make it so its more understandable. i have six sketched so far, all i need is the romanian for it and to finish. (then work on the next 6)

hope ill be able to continue the story soon .-.

msg me ur email if u want to translate for me ^_^

chibi jaden ftw
added Jaden's blush xD
@SkulletteBones: forgot to add jadens blush x.x
Damn it need to stop rushing.
Gonna be late updating the pages x.x
been slow drawing.
Got to +100 fans x.x YESS

im so glad ya'll like my manga x3
@Wolvesinboundary: one of translations of el shaddai is "lord of shades"
@Wolvesinboundary: its Hebrew, el shaddai.
@InkyMadness: i learned to draw this expression from a magic card mark of the vampire.
Going to my grandma's for a while. wont be able to work on the next page till i arrive and set up my comp. xD
so here's a beat up Lucius in vampire form for yuh x3