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Millia Maxwell
-sexism joke here-
That background is almost as desolate and boring as No Man's Sky.
Tis a shame this didn't get the closure it deserved. It will be missed.
Feels weird seeing Meteor again.
Isn't this Valence whom is dead via retconing. Thus in his death sent to hell?
@Shard: *teleports behind you* Nothing Personnel, kid *magma punch*

Wheres Meteor in all of this?
@Shard: its eyeliner trust me I'm an expert.
Maybe hes just in Detroit.
Was it the red glow that gave it away?
I thought he was gonna get mad about senseless murder.
Needs more Necrozma
Cant they see he's having some character development.
Rock you like a...not quite hurricane but more like a black comet.
He's the (not so) strong silent type.
He literally runs up and gets kicked in the face again.
Seems rather optimistic for so casually brushing with death.
Last panel is Overwatch Reaper
Overkill is an understatement.
Best advice anyone has ever given her.