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Wanna know a little more about me?? Like.. What do I like ??

Lil boys! >:3 -gets shot-



I'm just some perverted old (well old in my terms though I'm only ... 18 ish) short Asian male who's probably the most laziest person in this entire world and needs to learn to drive and get a job. @_@;; BUT, I'm nice so dont' worry I won't bite if you try to talk to me... TRUST ME ... OHH AND

This is my first time ACTUALLY attempting a manga! -semi-NOT-SO-PROUD- So it's not gonna look all fancy and awesome-ish~~~ >3<
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Just look at his... sexy self!

Persian is soo sexy when he's smoking ~~~ <33333
Oh ho ho >D

Persian you dirty ol' man xDD
Making Meowth your little slave ~~
Now I'm starting to like PersianxMeowth alot <33333
She's sooo pretty >D
I shall steal her little mousy self away! -kidnaps!-

And like I said on DA, I really really love the coloring style in this picture. It's extremely pretty! And the eyes... sooo shiny *w*
*nosebleeds* Gah! He looks so adorable when he's sweating!

I really like how you drew the flowers -is a loser- ... <_<;;; I-It's just that flowers are really hard to draw...

But anyways, great page as always <3
@darky: Yes Yes child. This is going to be a yaoi story, but there is some straight people.
Very cute! <333
And I like her hair and clothes. It's very pretty~~

Like everyone else I wonder what she sees @w@ Maybe it's another roach?? xDD

Voltorb is the most sexiest beast alive! :D

Just look at all that hair! Yummo ...

Omg, the chibis in the first panel are so frickin' cute x3

And Poor Noah. He's working so hard to make Truffles happy but it's not working D':
Sorry D:

It's not a new comic page, instead it's a bunny... A bunny GIRL. WHUT? NO BOI. BUT THIS IS BL MUTHA F**** D:

YEAH, I KNOW. But i mean. Not every guy in my comic can be ghey? Where would all the new hot ghey gays come from? Not from other ghey guys. Nope. All babies come from females, so there. Merry Christmas.

Actually, I only posted this because I thought it was really cute x3 And my friend liked it alot.

Don't worry. She's no random female. She'll be in the story and to give you guys a heads up her name is Cosette. :3
September 29th, 2008
Look at my awesome buildings xDD ... OTL -fails-

AH WELL. I had this page done a while back but i just remembered to post it up today

PS. Did anybody notice the new layout? >_> ... I-Its soo pinky and ... ghey.

EDIT: @ShiiLovesHim and sydneylove: Yes, Akia is part cow. He's actually a cow-wolf! xD
September 26th, 2008
@Shmingle: You have nothing to be jealous about! D: Your artwork and toning are beautiful too!

@Lia: Ah, yeah you're right child. I am toning differently than in Death:Drive. I'm actually toning less, but hey. Less time working = more pages @w@
September 25th, 2008

Akia's head looks funny in the last panel... OTL ...

Do I tone funny? Like is it too plain for you guys? o_O
September 23rd, 2008
Sorry, Boring part @_@.

Next couple of pages will come soon.
I FOUND PSY'S BUTT :'D *pokes*

Lol xDD I think you have some kind of a butt obsession Yassa. @/w/@ But don't take that in a bad way. At least you can draw nice butts. -nodnod-

And Congrats on having alot of fans! You deserved them! <33333 Afterall, This comic is awesome and is my all time favorite so far! :33
.... O_______O

WHY IS MEOWTH SO CUTE?? xDDD Kyaaaaahh~~~ I want to take him home! And I love how you draw male bodies <3333333333333333 LOVE LOVE LOVE

And Persian... is HOT *love* @//w//@;; I'm such a sucker for those older men ~~ *dies from all the hotness*

Yassaaa~~~ I love youuu~~~~~~`
@ xXTheMadHatterXx: Well he's actually the ONLY one that has slight animal features for certain reasons @_@;; It'll make more sense later on...
WOW, I didn't know that you restarted the entire comic o3o

Well I shouldn't be complaining because it's for a good cause. @w@

Megan is sooo pretty~~ And I like her hair *pets pets*
@_@;; The first couple of pages are ... well boring but it'll become interesting
A Very Simple Cover for a pretty simple webcomic ;3
GAH. Pika has the most cutest smile in the world! *melts* @//w//@;;

Lucky Voltorb. You got a kiss from Pika. D:<

It would be funny if he fell in love with Pika after that kiss, but that would be pretty strange xD