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I love her character...she's so devious, but so sneaky about it. I just like her.
I'm so glad that I started reading after your hiatus.
ack, no, I love this comic...:*(
oh my, they need lives.
I love the fact that he's talking to her, and he called his penis his pee-pee.
oh, poor guy with thingy. Man his hair looks really not sexy.
That was totally a penis.
your backgrounds are beautiful, and once again I love your facial expressions, they make your comic really fun to read.
such a beautiful comic!
What a beautiful comic you have, I absolutely love you ability to portray such annoyance with morning. It too has been my nemesis lately.
I really like your style, it is so unique. :) I can't wait to read more!
I'm getting ready for Anime Iowa and I'm sooooooo busy.... I fortunately had a really great piece of art from my friend Lyndaelle, who drew Nikaya and Luke for me (if you are looking for it in the archives it is the Anime Iowa page). She is an absolutely FABULOUS artist (far better than me). She has some projects on the back burner (a real manga I think...but its a secret). Go visit her sites: and her webcomic (on hiatus) The scary thing is that she is only 15...I think that she's definitely going to be a very popular comic artist someday.

I want to thank Lyndaelle for the wonderful art, and the ability for me to share it with you.
I have a pretty cool sketch up if you vote. I like doing sketches, they take me 15 minutes, this page took me 8 hours. I am really trying to improve, so I redid a lot of stuff. I know that I'm slow, but I hope you enjoy it.

And if you don't know what YIFFING is, don't ask. I wish that I didn't know. I had a friend who was a furry. She was really a unicorn. I'm sorry if I offended any furries out there that like to YIFF (ewwwwww), but it was funny to do it.

wow...a 2 average...okay, well I didn't think it was that bad...a three I could see, but I think a 2 is a bit harsh.

Can I get some more ratings...if they are all two's then I can handle it, but this kinda makes me feel sad. I thought my art was better than a 2.
I spent FOREVER coloring this. And the town still looks like crapola. CRAPOLA I DO DECLARE!

Oh well...I suppose that it'll get better. The next few pages are all done except for the coloring. :D So if I get my butt on that, then I will stay within my update schedule.
Beautiful cover
I'm thinking, that which is in that jar, is just gross. :) "Love" in a jar...ICK!
ack! Update! I know you just did, but I need more!