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I'm that person you probably don't know.

Twitter: @dubble_dare
My old sfx font appears to have disappeared. This bothers me.
@Lazy abro: Ah, that makes sense.

Although I'm a bit concerned about there only being two attack buttons now? Might need to reconsider Nero's moveset a bit...
I'm a little confused as to what the F and G icons are about
I swear I'm gonna actually finish his sprites this time.

Have a preview gif:
<img src="">
Beta!Dub gets moving, Gamma!Dub returns, and Bolts is here too, I guess.
So apparently I got a lot better at spriting, despite not spriting much. okay. sure.
sure was a series of things happening
Could've sworn I uploaded this already.
Last time we saw these guys:

Wow that was nearly a year ago.
Revamp time. :D
Some of the villains from "Nero".

From left to right:
Esther Puthaw, Varia Luminos, Du'an Mallory, Meroda Corentine.
Do you ever just make a page and then completely forget to upload it for a few weeks?
Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing.