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a reminder to remind you that this city isn't as shipshaped as the bar makes it seem like.
@melaredblu: A bottle of whiskey, what else?
@melaredblu: Eee! Thankyou, I love split pages like this. They are so fun.
@melaredblu: Good, your reaction thrills me~
@melaredblu: A little small? Good to know. I've changed up how I save the pages, so I can totally go back and make things bigger. I was afraid it was gonns be small but it looked okay on my screen so your second pair of eyes help!
@melaredblu: It was an attempt. Not a good one. I was going off the idea that laundry baskets are a mess of colors when doing them. Its a pile of clothing. But you are right. I thought the basket alone would be enough of a give away.
Looks like things about about to get interesting here.
When it doubt dive right into the shark tank. Julia is about that life.
I can relate to falling asleep in class so hard. even the snorting part. So embarrassing.
Damn teacher wont let any fun happen. So this license means they are full superheros?
Clearly its the food, mutating food. They need to call the health department.
I didnt know she had a prosthetic leg. Did I miss that somewhere in chapter one or is this the first we are seeing of it?
The way someone sleeps saids alot about them.
Best page right here. How do they even think Lave is up for this job let alone capable?
Bite his cheeks, they are the tenderest!
She aint got time for your bullshittery kid.
Chomp chomp, there goes Lave's finger.
Chapter 3
Rolling right into the third chapter of this grand adventure. Lets see what awaits Salem and the bikers.
End of chapter 2
And this page marks the end of the second chapter. Next week Chapter three "The threads of birth" goes live.

We made it thought another chapter, and all of the support from the readers is awesome and appreciated. We are moving ahead smoothly. So again thankyou everyone!
@fluffy: Ah no it didnt go missing, I had moved the pages and i gotta reupload it, i had gotten all the other missing ones but I must have skipped over this one. thanks for commenting on it!