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basically i like arting and world-building stuff and in my heart it is my goal to make a sprawling epic one day and use all my hundreds of ocs and make hundreds more and i like to ramble on in running sentences like this a lot
August 8th, 2016

August 8th, 2016
@mydearbasil: ezra was just that good at first aid
Thanks for still checking in, everyone! I am fine! xD

Basil is starting to update Reverse now that she is done school!

As for this comic, I have had a lot of art motivation problems, but I am still on the hook for updates so they will come out eventually.. So thanks for your patience!
[2:24:14 PM] archivalink: IM SO HAPPYYYY!!!!
[2:24:44 PM] Prax Nguyen: they are both incompetents!! hahaha
[2:25:01 PM] archivalink: bEUATIFULLL
[2:28:35 PM] archivalink: i love these lil potato babies
[2:28:44 PM] archivalink: clap clap mm nods
[2:28:57 PM] Prax Nguyen: yes!! so happie and foolish!
[2:30:47 PM] archivalink: the kicker is they don't even know each others names yet
June 13th, 2016
I love Alt's dumb reactions.
OMG Sorry for the delay, guys.. I got really.. extremely distracted and busy!!! XD

I'll have to redouble efforts in the New Year when my work hours finally are cut back down to something reasonable!

THOUGH MAYBE I CAN GET IN A NEW YEARS/XMAS PIC? HMMMM!!! (Pages are harder to make than random fun things haha)
Happy Halloween Everyone!
Hallo!!!! (Ween!!!) ;Dc

I still have many pages to work on, but my free days to be able to draw new pages is soon!!!

But until then have this bonus nonsense and meet Rammey! One of the bouncers at the strip club! He's a little bit new to everything going on there so he's not at.. maximum.. comfort... >u>;
The guy at the door is Jericho. He doesn't work there, but he kind of hangs around and provides comers and goers, including employees, with a light or smoke. Also serves a bit as a lookout.
Updates coming soon!
Hallo, everyone!
It has been a very busy October, and I won't get a significant break until the beginning of November, but I think I can finish a couple of pages before then perhaps!

So for now you can check out my rough WIP for the upcoming page and I'll try to see if I can get a few quick and dirty bonus things in as well! :D

See you all soon! I'm excited to finally getting to see this comic update again, even if by MINE OWN HAND!!!
@Pouika & @dreamingsketcher:
I'll be doing the next few pages until the end of the chapter, so I plan for the next update for OFT to happen sometime next month when I can have a bunch of them in queue to end the year! So expect OFT to update around October 16!

I may have a few teaser/bonus art images or something else until then though!

As for Reverse! I am looking forward to seeing more updates to that too! :D
August 5th, 2015
Apparently the second last panel is nor him sticking keys into some pointy hole, but are his fingernails! Don't be fooled like I was! LOL
August 1st, 2015
@Riaya: Altaire knows pain..this is.. it's nothing!!! Hahha..
Also he's very easily distracted.
July 31st, 2015
@SemeSadique: Hohoho.. reversing roles is what they're all about! XD
July 28th, 2015
Did demon-blood-drinking moths/butterflies come out to devour the dying serpent? :D
So many pages~! :D
*claps* Altaire being a hero.. his wishes coming true. lol
July 22nd, 2015
@SemeSadique: Hahaha yes, teach Altaire the ways of the world, Ezra! Ezra is a Cancer, so that makes sense. Maternal instincts kicking in? XDDD
July 20th, 2015
I love Altaire. He's so stupidly candid and flirty. lol
what is this very bad leet speak
p8ges => p-eight-ges!? what is that! how rude!

this what whats my typos look elikes:
i can do some pahes! lik

Thanks for your patience during the hiatus everyone!
Hoho, I'm sure this is what everyone is kind of anticipating happening between these two soon! *clasps face*


So as Basil explained, her long queue of comic pages has ended and we have to get to work to build up a new queue and also organize the plot!

In the meanwhile, @mydearbasil is taking a break and working on other things while we have an artist switchover with me! xD I hope you're as excited as I'm nervous! Though our styles have a lot of overlap, you will definitely be able to see the change, which will be really interesting! :o

It might take a while before I get some pages done and start a queue that runs until the end of the chapter, but I hope some bonus art between then and now will sustain you until then! ;D
July 12th, 2015
@OneCordialMFer: Altaire is a master at being distracted lol