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AAawww!! He's too cute! And that messy bun!!
Am I the only one wondering who that baby's pappy is? And did Baby Gannet hatch from an egg?? @Lucid
Arco is so cute when he's excited! You really captured his inner kid in a candy store. Also @Mccull61 Bonobos also have sex just for the pleasure
I just realized that Arco is in the third panel. He's so far away!
Oh man,I love Ben! He is definitely the ultimate bro!
When exactly did Arco stop wearing his eyebrow piercing? I love this page though showing that Arco is still Mama Bear #1
His man bun is poppin'. And he is so adorable! Every time I see Russell/Mick I want to know more about him!
Did Arco dyed his hair just for Valentine's Day?
December 22nd, 2015
BURN!! Dam Elliot, you don't hold any punches!
April 20th, 2015
The Bunny Bat is the most adorable!
April 20th, 2015
I just started reading this comic and I love! Your art is a masterpiece!!
AWWWWW!! Sleepy Zayn is SOO Cute!
Maximum Ride
@Beatrix:Me too, that series was awesome!
I Love your art and this comic is so relate-able! LOL Harry's face in the last panel!
Her whole aura reads friendly neighborhood librarian.
Sooo Many Sequels
Is that Step Up number 293 I see?
Just started reading and I'm already hooked! He was awake the whole time but was avoiding the awkward confrontation for both of their sakes!
I just started reading this comic and I LOVE IT!!! LOL! Everyone has on their deep contemplative faces.
AAWWW!! Poor Sasuke! He's still yummy, though!
Lol!! Owen totally just ruined Avery's Callum fantasy!