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Glad to have you back :) Can't wait to see what happens next. I feel hyped all over again remembering this story.
Awww, there's actually something so sweet about Atty actually taking the time to listen to her request.
@Nashew: Or an iceberg? A shipping hitting an exceptionally large one usually ends up going downwards into the ocean. That's downhilly enough, right?
Damn, son, she might've bit the dust, but that has got to be one of the most metal deaths I've seen in a pokemon story.
Give him the eevee, Abel. Do it. Do it. Join the dark side, give us what we want.
@AgentNein: Hell yeah, in an alternate universe, this is true, and the story turned out to be really bad ass where no form of conflict existed!
For one sweet moment, she was the legendary super bug lady.
@Pinkeevee222: I see. Thanks for clearing up some of the confusion, then.
"Bond of Brothers" is canon, correct? If so, I don't understand. Melody had another kit to replace Doki... but Doki got taken to the lab anyway? So what was the point?

I also don't remember reading about a jolteon being around when they got kidnapped. Judging by his eye colour, I'm guessing that he's a Dreamer, but he doesn't add up to being any of the introduced or hinted at characters.

Man, I thought reading that story would help make everything less confusing ><
Those markings on Dusk's wall are pretty freaky. I'm guessing those were from marking the days since he last saw Sky? Pretty sad, really

That notice board with all the papers pinned to it are rather intriguing as well. Perhaps also related to Sky? Maybe Dusk was trying to track them down?

Also, ayy lmao OPM shirt.
I concur with the great masses, 5 pages seems like the way to go.
Haha, I dig Historia's headpiece.
The two faces of anger.
Holy mother of lord, that coloured panel is gorgeous.
Really like how you gave a little piece of the partner's backstory while simultaneously explaining a story mechanic! Really makes the story flow super smoothly while also not making a character's past seem "forced", for lack of a proper explanation on my part.

Also, welcome back! Really nice surprise to see another one of your updates this morning.
You know things are about to get serious when Bokyurah gets the (seemingly?) HD detailing.
Miku's expression gave me the goosebumps. Really cool cover!
I don't think I've come across another artist who tortures themselves with background detail as consistently as you.

It's worth it, though. No one whom I consistently follow has anywhere close to an art style as you.

Edit: Speaking of which, dear lord that clickbait...
See, that's the problem with this generation. They all want fancy things like guardrails and such, but when suddenly there are no jobs left, they start complaining about employment!

Kids these days have no respect for honest work...