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As much as I wish I could laugh at this, knowing that Blizz was once upon a time a trained psycho stops me from taking this seriously.
Hey Kalvin, I got a question for ya, which of these is heavier: a kilogram of steel, or a kilogram of feathers?
Hey Phil (Karrea?), since you're Canadian, does that mean you have Kraft Dinner with maple syrup 5 out of 7 days of the week? :thinking:
Glad to see you back and I'm glad to see you remaining critical and realistic with yourself.

In terms of the page, I wonder what Rune dreams of? Afraid of having his darkest desires revealed?
If you're feeling stressed about your personal deadlines, maybe you need to make them a little laxer?

Either way, hope you feel better. Looking forward to the next page :)
Hope you feel better! See you Sunday.
Holy crap, only chapter 2 and the protagonist is already dead. I can't believe it.
Did... did that thing just show anger... frustration it's face? Creepy.

Also, this entire page is S+++, especially that last panel, dear lord.
I honestly adore the 8th panel. I've come back to look at it at least 3-4 times now.
Rest well, friend. See you Wednesday.
I'm going to guess either Kalvin has some sort of illness, or, more than likely, this is a side effect of his powers.

Now, he didn't use them too much, and yet, the after effects seem rather significant.

Carrying that train of thought over to Luna who, I believe, used the same powers more extensively...

It would be a shame if she got herself into some deep shit right as her body decided to shit out on her.

A real shame.
@ultrawandit: OOooh boy, huh?
You know, I think the only thing that could make things worse by this point is if Luna ends up finding her brother dead.
Give me a "B"!


Give me a "U"!


Give me a "STED"!


What does that spell?


Who's she gonna kill?

Okay, of all the things that Atticus has done, his behaviour, on THIS page, has finally convinced me he has lost it completely and is now willing to do anything to get DT back now.
OOOOOO, ominous, I like. Please tell me she knows and is about to kick the houndoom's ass.
Thank you for helping keep Mortal Kombat memes alive, sir. You're doing God's work.
Take care, friend. Rest well and see you soon!
Welp, Kalvin is dead. Guess it's time for the next story.
Good name for the Pidgey.