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Your dedication towards art is both hilarious and amazing
I'm a big fan of 4
Oh hello, strange Celebi. Yes, you are indeed terrifying.
I'll admit, I've looked at the previous page probably half a dozen times but am still struggling a little bit to understand what you're trying to convey. I notice that the perspective is changing, but I don't notice anything out of place. I have a really bad eye for detail, though, so that doesn't help at all xd.

This page, however, helps at least clarify that the Rocket grunt is clearly trying to track down an intruder of some sort. I'm curious as to why their face is covered in shadows, I get the feeling it's to hide their identity from the reader because they're someone important.
I'm digging the vote bait xd

I think dA would be the most convenient spot to post the Monster Project
I don't like Buddy.
Good. I think this is the perfect response to entitled shitheads being whiny and apathetic.
No worries, happy hiatus'ing. Life's responsibilities are a giant pain to juggle alongside hobbies.

Will be looking forward to the next page whenever that may be!
Hahaha, I'm not worried, I'm sure this is fine
This is an amazing piece, great job, Wandit.

Looking forward to the page tomorrow. Good luck on your exams, btw!
It's all good, dude, no need to stress about it. Shit happens, dude, we're not going anywhere.

Deep breaths, friendly reminder that this comic is something you're doing for fun and enjoyment.
Ah, yes, nothing quite turning around to find the god of death just chilling right behind you. Very cool stuff.
Wishing you a speedy recovery :pray:
Aww man, that last panel is so fucking cool.
Good on you for actually chilling out. Glad you have the sense to take care of yourself.
Excuse me, Wandit, but what the hell is that abomination that Luna is trying to give to Kalvin?
As much as I wish I could laugh at this, knowing that Blizz was once upon a time a trained psycho stops me from taking this seriously.
Hey Kalvin, I got a question for ya, which of these is heavier: a kilogram of steel, or a kilogram of feathers?