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Hi, I'm Zedd. I love drawing,weird stuff and PKM. I'm not very good at
And I always want to make friends
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Action failed...again XD
Everything can happen in a pokemon hack-rom XD
If you're asking, yes, it's Joey the Youngster and his top percentage rattata. I quiet like Joey so I put him in my comics.
And if you ask 'where is the main character - Will?' well, he'll be somewhere in this route finding the Mankey. Who knows, maybe he can meet his brother here. :D
@Silaya Arctic Prower: Maybe...But I don't really know. And Love to hear that you like my comics :D
The Story line is getting messy now.
Well. That's because of no script, but Everything will be made clear in some more pages. I have to do a lots of tests so that's all for now. XD Also, My English Grammar is bad, please tell me if there's typo.
Robin and Puck with poker face.. XD
Busy ><
Test,school trips and friend-problems...I think I catch a cold. But I'll try to update 2 pages next Sunday. At least that's my plan from now...
Just look at the newspapers,lol XD
@inviseon25: yes, yes he does XD
oh, i almost forgot.
this's a cover song of this chapter:
and this's a cover song of the whole comics:
I think I'll update 1 comic every Sunday...And does anyone play 'flappy bird'? I think I'm in love with that stupid bird, lol!
@Ziliath: thank you for pointing that out -_- I use 'pokemons' all the times lol...(really hate myself sometimes). I'll fix the typo right away.
Action failed.. XD
Wow, i can't believe I have fans...Thanks guys, you're awesome.
Anyway, my English grammar is not very good. So, if you find any typo, please tell me.