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I-I can't believe no one had the user name 'quantum' before me...
Currently at university, majoring in mathematics and physics.
@Missalice3: Until I find time (T⌓T)
@VictorB: TOO MUCH UNI WORK (!) But I'll still be around to talk :)
@VictorB: WWWHYY what?
@VictorB: Hah yesss.
My drawing gets worst :/ And here now starts an indefinite hiatus :C I hope you had some fun reading about my life...
@VictorB: I see :/
@treetopcity: Hehe, yeah :)
@VictorB: I don't know...I doubt she would read it, mainly because she doesn't do reading webcomics, and it's in English. She'll probably just think it's all part of my weirdness.
I mean, how about your webcomic? Do people in your-real-life know about them?
@VictorB: Great :)
@VictorB: Lol, I like the sound of that XD
(apologies for the late post: I was flat-out sick yesterday :/ )
Hmm. I don’t actually know what my face actually looks like. Maybe I look serious or the time? Or happy all the time? To be honest, I think I easily give away clues to whether I’m cheating or not...
(D and C are two friends. We may or may not see more of them...)
(That said, I’ll be putting up a hiatus again soon, because at the amount of school work this semester -- even more than last semester, I can’t even draw one page per week... takes way too long...)
@VictorB: It's a hard road ahead, and if I do research in a university, I will probably have to teach as well... -- thanks :)
@VictorB: She DOESN'T KNOW about my comic. No one that I know in Real Life(TM) knows...
@VictorB: Whoops, well, that also only looked like that for a little while, though for a longer while...
@VictorB: Not really. Just musing about the biological basis for asexuality and my new added need for having best friends...
@VictorB: I will try.
@VictorB: Hah, okay. I don't know, it would be interesting...
(Part 3/3) Not all my conversations with my mum are like this. We do have cordial conversations. But, maybe this comic can act as a record...we shall see.