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I no longer sprite, and instead I'm working on drawing. Do not ask to use my sprites, and do not ask for me to make any either. If I start spriting again, that'll change. But for the moment, I am just an artist.

8 out of 9 voices in my head agree that I'm sane.
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@BlackRain23: Sounds about right! This comic is already complete... in my head. It is really happy and very, very depressing at the end... And then there is my multiverse and my book series I'm writing... Lemme say, yikes. XD
@BlackRain23: I know and I'm still apologetic as always. >< every time I think life is back to being calm it pummels me back down. XD
June 16th, 2013
Oh my god XD your comments... -dying-
Goodness, your art is beautiful.
I love how Utez looks now.
October 4th, 2012
So sorry for the delay, guys. Between general business and trying to get my photoshop up and running again... well, it has been interesting.
"Is your talk switch stuck on?"
That's exactly how I felt the first time with my boyfriend. <<
Noo! Billy!
August 31st, 2012
@acs: Thank you very much, hun! And yes, I am set up for a long run... There is a TON planned for these three. Though my tablet's at the end of its life, which is making progress on the next page very very slow. Granted, I've had the thing since I was twelve, so this is to be expected! Hopefully I'll have the next update up soon.
I'm loving this so far. Very nice story and artwork. Can't wait to see more!
Food time.
Schedule change
Starting with this release [on July 27] The comic will update every three days. This may change when school comes around, but for the remainder of the summer I will work to keep this schedule running.
@WindUpAngel: Thanks! Though I've changed it quite a bit since these... haha.

Aaaand that's from Silent Hill, the armless thing that waddles after them spewing black bleck. :3
But... Dake's the strongest of you all <<
...And loads more to go!

Now that Lucem has been introduced, I will be posting his physiology one of these days... He's got some neat details. Here's a quick, diagramless summery.

-Nose & mouth are sealed, "maw" in torso can breath and has many rows of teeth
-No stomach or intestines
-Cannot swallow or eat
-Enhanced vision
-Oh, and the maw in his chest can't talk more than gurgling and inhuman noises
-"Crawling Vitals" Organ systems (such as veins and some respiratory) shift around under the skin.

So, he can't eat, speak or hear. How does this character communicate and sustain himself now?
Well, along with the transformations of the curse come some psychic abilities. They are as follows;

Hearing & Speech: Character cannot hear or speak, but through an automatic connection made by the transformation, he taps into the auditory center of those (50ft) around him and can place his voice as well as hear what they are hearing. When his body registers "Oh, brain is telling me to talk" the psychic ability simply translates this into placing his voice in the minds of those around him. The farther away people are, the quieter his voice is to them as well as what they hear are to him.
Because of this, he will be able to hear and communicate with Mortus on a level that Vorago is incapable of, since he reads minds rather than voice.

Sustenance: This is a constant ability, but does not make up for hunger. Basically, the curse feeds off of the energies of those around them. If he's around people, he slowly (very slowly) drains them, basically making them feel like they're eating for two. This lessens if he's around multiple people, since it will draw from multiple people.
However, he will be spending most of his time around Vorago, who is a friggin' battery because of the curse. Still, this doesn't make up for his constant feeling of starving-to-death.

OH! And yes, their eyes do glow. I know in the last [LAZY] style of this comic, back when it was a simple doodle thing I used to do before work, that everyone's eyes were white... well, that was that style. Now human eyes=no glow. Cursed eyes=sparkafriggle gloworbs.
*fangirls, falls over*
New Computer..
Woot! I got a new computer. Still working on reconfiguring my entire set up here, which makes me think I've butchered this page, but it probably looks better than I think it does... haha.

Okay, so here's the list of reasons I had to buy a new computer...
The old one had exposed wires, its screen was falling off and jiggled, it would shut down randomly, would take forever to restart, would overheat and I've literally burned my hand on the damn thing. I still need to get my friggin files off it though...

Oh yeah, and I had to start using different fonts for their speech.. (which I think look better anyways)
@BlackRain23: Thank you! And you definitely will. :3 I have a few updates already set up for the next few weeks!
Gotta say, as far as pokemon fan comics go, this one has to be one of the best by far from what I've seen so far. And it's only so far along! Very, very impressed. Keep up the good work.
Oh, I see. We're taking the Supernatural season 7 approach, are we? "Kill all the beloved characters" and all that? =^=