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nuit hat
I am comix to comix bitch comix in the comix
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This comic was a journey from beginning to end. This comic is everything. This comic is my new religion. Thank you
@ZzizzR: thank u angel <3 <3 <3
nuit hat
April 2nd, 2019
@SuperScratchkat: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333
happy trans visibility day i think about her a lot (MOSTLY CUZ IT TURNS OUT SHE WORKS AT THE FUCKING SUEPRMARKET I GO TO ALL THE DAMN TIME GOD FUCK) and really hope i didn't hurt her feelings, the only thing i did was say no thankies from mcspankies on the sec... but u gotta admit... who tf shows up soaking wet in a brown dress and expects to get this puss puss... literally soaking wet... why...
@Bloomer: omfg thank u so much i just cant stop drawing funny faces
he really is like flat chested as fuk but idk what to tell u
i kept drawing more bewb than i meant to by accident. im sorry i tried several times
i just...
i just... tiddy...
watch my vid plz!!!!
Hey guys check out my new video, Reading Comics To My Dying Cat At An Unflattering Camera Angle!!! My cat is dying so I felt compelled to educate her in my taste in manga before she yeets the fuck off this mortal coil
hello it is i, elizabeth, from 5 years in the future. spookyyyy. anyway i wanted 2 write this beofre i forget.
this comic was created at SVA precollege which was a 3 week program in 2014 the summer before i started 12th grade. during that time, i was living in an SVA dorm with a roommate. our room had a problem. we could not figure out how to turn the AC off. and it was stuck at the coldest setting.
the nights were the worst. it was so cold that i didn't sleep the entire time i was there. each night i would lay there in the darkness, kept awake and in tortuous pain from the cold. and i was already an insomniac to begin with at this point.
also during this time, I was really into the Left Rights. possibly one of the worst things to ever happen to music.
under these conditions and in 10 days i penned this comic.
i was listenign 2 die antwoord while drawing this so if it makes no sense, im sorry???
nuit hat
January 21st, 2019
@Sub3Cr1ber: snack on birds
nuit hat
January 21st, 2019
EAT OWNER!!!!!!!!!
nuit hat
January 21st, 2019
no wait name it Zach Braff please please please please please
please name it Tiddy Fucka
clicky click
@SuperScratchkat: For You, No Charge