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nuit hat
I am comix to comix bitch comix in the comix
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why are you fucking doing this
@UnluckyFay: that is so true. i think it is distance that keeps my love for her a-flower lmao
Gud Song!!! wrow ovo
This comic was a journey from beginning to end. This comic is everything. This comic is my new religion. Thank you
@ZzizzR: thank u angel <3 <3 <3
nuit hat
April 2nd, 2019
@SuperScratchkat: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333
happy trans visibility day i think about her a lot (MOSTLY CUZ IT TURNS OUT SHE WORKS AT THE FUCKING SUEPRMARKET I GO TO ALL THE DAMN TIME GOD FUCK) and really hope i didn't hurt her feelings, the only thing i did was say no thankies from mcspankies on the sec... but u gotta admit... who tf shows up soaking wet in a brown dress and expects to get this puss puss... literally soaking wet... why...
@Bloomer: omfg thank u so much i just cant stop drawing funny faces
he really is like flat chested as fuk but idk what to tell u
i kept drawing more bewb than i meant to by accident. im sorry i tried several times
i just...
i just... tiddy...
watch my vid plz!!!!
Hey guys check out my new video, Reading Comics To My Dying Cat At An Unflattering Camera Angle!!! My cat is dying so I felt compelled to educate her in my taste in manga before she yeets the fuck off this mortal coil
hello it is i, elizabeth, from 5 years in the future. spookyyyy. anyway i wanted 2 write this beofre i forget.
this comic was created at SVA precollege which was a 3 week program in 2014 the summer before i started 12th grade. during that time, i was living in an SVA dorm with a roommate. our room had a problem. we could not figure out how to turn the AC off. and it was stuck at the coldest setting.
the nights were the worst. it was so cold that i didn't sleep the entire time i was there. each night i would lay there in the darkness, kept awake and in tortuous pain from the cold. and i was already an insomniac to begin with at this point.
also during this time, I was really into the Left Rights. possibly one of the worst things to ever happen to music.
under these conditions and in 10 days i penned this comic.
i was listenign 2 die antwoord while drawing this so if it makes no sense, im sorry???
nuit hat
January 21st, 2019
@Sub3Cr1ber: snack on birds
nuit hat
January 21st, 2019
EAT OWNER!!!!!!!!!
nuit hat
January 21st, 2019