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The effects of hunger (Insert here a Le Lenny Face)
This is too much for me, that's too funny omg.
Photos with Micah naked while sleeping (? Just joking, users already said all I thought
Love your comic ^w^ Happy holidays too~
Wohooooo \(*0*)/ At least!
Sorry, I felt the urge to write it hahaha♥
Inori if you don't open your eyes with it I don't know what will do.~~~
Awww :c If only Inori knew that Kae is blushing because of him.
Omg xD
I died with the "OPEN (_(_) insert 8===D"

Anxious to see the next page~♥
Lol, his face is a poem xD
Pifo is hot! D///:
Jealousy? Where? aslkahjlkdf xD♥
I saw Heechul and I thought of Jude *w* omg
Como toda fujoshi, quiere que le haga cosas más hard (Y quén no querría) xD Qué haría Kei si se enterara que fue Saeki el que le hizo todas esas cosas jajaja muero por verle la cara.
Ahhh es un alivio no tener que escribir en inglés por un rato.
I think I'm in love with the way you draw, there are some people that cannot draw without a tablet (of course that there are really good digital draws too) but I love the fact you are able to work on paper *w*
Omg that hair, he is so aksdjhasdjadskhj
March 18th, 2014
Love it! Hahaha for his face I'm sure he liked that kiss ewe
Love those two together *w* Sorry, I just let the beast out (My fujoshi of course is the beast xD)
You are improving a lot your drawing x3 Jade last panel is so omg (Is the beast who is talking, she takes the control now (??))
Yaaay x3 I'm glad you didn't give up and will continue the comic, I will wait :3
Omg! when it started moving I was like O.O I didn't expect that, scared me ;A; (well... not that much but yeah D:)
Anyway, I'll read it, looks interesting :3
January 1st, 2014
Omg, I'm so perverted D///: btw, it's so cute and sweet this page♥ x3 a ryu with a haru tattoo is like ryu were saying he is totally of him x3
December 17th, 2013
So sweet TwT ♥
December 12th, 2013
I'm dying♥ I love them TmT