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Hey ! I've been interested in storywriting for quite some time and by now is able to write a decent one. I can do a little bit of drawing but for conceptual purposes only (simply put, it's not audience-worthy but you can still understand what's happening.).

That said, I'm always looking for artists, so just e-mail me if you want a collab ! :D I have lots of free time (it's one of the advantages of handling only the story *laughs*) so I'm always hungry for projects, even small ones that doesn't extend more than a few pages.

And lately I've been trying to get my hands on character visual design, so if you don't mind my unstable design quality, go ahead and pop an e-mail too.
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just popping an idea...

make a comic depicting difference between digital and manual comic making !

maybe sitting positions, or habits, or something like that ? :D
Hullo !
Love the art style ! I'm hoping for frequent updates ;D
December 10th, 2013
New fan !
Just when I'm considering dropping my kendo lessons, I came across this comic (and Monty in particular)... I think I'll keep my lessons. :P

Looking forward to what'd happen next, I like your narration style ! Though I'd like to suggest you pay attention to balance in character poses. Came across several awkward stances since I started.

Also which one of you is Varka from the Mizahar website ? Check your PM, I've been holding all my winter threads for you.