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likes: everything
dislikes: everything
hobbies: drawing, writing, reading... nerding... playing various games
absolutely in love with BL (as you can probably see from my favourites)
sexuality: i dont even know anymore... 0_0
relationship status: not a single-pringle, aka taken, ah!
favourite song: I'm Wasted by Ghost Town
favourite band: Ghost Town
favourite book: ALL OF THEM
favourite film: ALL OF THEM (horror, fantasy, BL are main fav)
favourite anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
favourite manga: ... Kuroshitsuji? or maybe Death Note?
favourite webcomic: (sigh) Homestuck, Star Fighter, Devoto........... It's tough to pick a favourite
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yey im happy to hear that youll continue! waiting with anticipation for more of this awesomness
omg yes! ive found this comic again!
first time i read it was like a month ago and i lost and was like noooo whyyyyy
but here i am again found this awesomness
please continue please please please!
your art style btw is GORGEOUS making me melt its like top quality shelf style like yes!
(ps have you read starfighter btw? i dont want to advertise it or anything but your style so far reminds me of that comic too)
that cat! can i pet ze kitty o3o
literally screamed when i saw that yo're finally continuing!
it's so good to see how the story progresses again!
but also cant wait for your episode you're making! i bet that one will be as fantastic as entire story and just wow!
holy glory YES TRHEY KISSED (or will since this is wip...)
/100% satisfied :D

(but yknow... i bet everyone would be more satisfied later since... this is mature content comic right? heh im sorry)

take your time with this comic :) its just overall amazing like woah tops boom BOOM WINNER OF THE FIRST PRIZE
April 22nd, 2014
i laughed so hard at the previous page
attempted suicide -> get saved by her own mirror image and pulled into magical world -> demon in front of her -> "oh sorry we have mistaken you"

the idea of this universe, the seeing things as they are is really amazing, ive never heard of anything like that before!

also the lil demon guy is so cute hehe <3
just a note
i had to look in the comments for confirmation of who said what, its not all that clear
while the situation istelf
with the heart thingy with shizu
this kinda made me feel same ish
like a real heart ache
personally i want kurou to 'win' hes so much more fun and more showing emotions
while shizu is all closed up and all
(what if they both win and have a tri just like in one of your dreamy scenes yknow ;) thatd be so fun)
in one way im like oh hey gramps is here <3
and he like looks so much older but still hes the coolest
anyhow ye /worried :O
April 15th, 2014
okay so the black haired person
i dont think ive seen anyone yet with such black hair apart from sai
and then youre not even showing their face
unless im totally wrong here but i feel like that person is connected to sai here ok
probobs totally wrong but well see
jc those fangs is he a vampire or something
hes not as sweet good innocent person as he looks to be am i right here eh?
before the fang thing i kinda could guess where this comic was going but not im like ???
and gee this is all so gorgeously drawn
March 21st, 2014
ok the lil one is so creepy QQ
i wouldnt want someone like that anywhere near me ehehe
i kinda feel sorry for other characters but eh
i wonder how he will turn out to be when hes all adult yknow like in 10 years time thingy...
March 21st, 2014
ffff you know
im in class on computers was supposed to write essays and all
and im reading this
and i seriously have a hard time not to laugh this is amazing!
this comic is very interesting
the art is beautiful and all (my god how can you (and others) draw so beautifully and all proportions and everything my god sorcery <3)
ill be waiting for the updates and all <3
/boarding ship Derek/Alex woo
what now Andrew huh? huh? Jealous much? Well though, cuz you aint getting Alex back~

But actually it would be interesting to see more drama here and eventually Alex and Andrew getting together yknow.
Syeah, Andrews a dick but i still would want them to be togethers.
Well see what happens~
Keep up the amazing work! <3
that was so unexpected from this comic
i maybe though the crystal would like grant wishes etc
but here we go full blown transformation into a knight and a new world too?
this is getting so much more interesting like woah
keep up the awesome work!
:D <-- my face to see the update yeah
thats pmuch all i wanted to say because i love this yeah yeah
i find myself more and more in love with this comic its getting better and better <3
@AyameChan: it makes sense now wow thank you :D!
March 10th, 2014
drawn beautifully yeah
just pointing out that ther 'reflection' is not really a reflectjion because ye
its like half reflection because the face expression is pmuch accurate for a reflection but the body is not yknow
either way from your description it looks like it is actually supposed to be like that so
well see where it goes
(just take him home with you <3)
anyhow im a little confused with the dialogue here
like who says what?
and the red haired guy is mute?
then why one of the speech bubbles is pointing at him?
yeah please explain xD