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This is a bio. Now go do something else other than stalk me.
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i havent played dream daddy yet all i know is that i love damien and i hate joseph
im alive????? i ???? what??????
noah is so,,, beautiful w his hair down,,
Oh god these are so shitty??? Thank god i make better work now
Woah What the hell??!
Yeah i know i dont post here for years and when i do post its an ad hah
And finally, I start doing stuff!
Happy Biiiiirthdaaaayy~
Holy shit it's your birthday and you're 15. Sorry i'm terrible at these things but um, have a super happy amazing birthday!
i did thing
i did good thing
@kirby knight 1000: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Thaaaat's right we're making a BL of DoMP!

Link to the comic is right here:

Based off of her Tomodachi Life mii:
Omfg thanks PCP seriously :D
Kitsu has some sort of disturbing idea with me being Mexican or something.
@Kurona: dude I literally memorized that song
is vix in a nutshell
so I drew this with a mouse and my hand feels like it's about to fall off. Also happy birthday Jacob, hope it was awesome because I am like a day late oh god dunz kill me ;-;
he's touching his weenus omfg
Here you go kuro.
you're welcome.