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Hi! My name's June. I'm an Aussie aspiring comic author. My Avatar is a self portrait so that's what I look like. I enjoy animation and video games and also suffering. I sincerely hope you have fun reading my comics!

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@Riaya: I know :')
@Ralend: Sorry! Haha. But yep. He's got naturally black curly hair.
September 28th, 2017
@deee45: I'm glad you're enjoying it. :D
September 23rd, 2017
The last 5 (including this one) pages of this chapter will be uploaded one a day over this week. Come back by the end of it if you wanna read them all at once.
@FujoshiPeanut: Yes, Pas is Nigerian! So far the only thing that hints at it is his last name so you didn't miss anything. :D
@deee45: More or less. There's more on it in the next page!
@deee45: Thank you, I'm super glad! :D
@deee45: Glad you're enjoying it! :)
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Whoops, forgot to mention: I've still got some minor details to go over here and there but the first page of chapter 4 is set to be posted some time early next week. The second page is already finished and will be posted next Friday (the 17th) so you should get two pages that week. From then on it'll be one new page every Friday!
Coming Soon
I sure do have a penchant for taking unannounced, month-long breaks. But part of the wait this time involved me creating a HUUUGE buffer of pages so that I can hopefully avoid this kind of thing in the future! This next chapter is really important and fun and I can't wait for you all to read it. Thanks so much for sticking with me this far and I hope you continue to read as we head on into the unknown land ahead!
@Rider: Hey dude, super stoked to hear you're enjoying the comic! There absolutely will be more in the future!!

Also, I guarantee there are plenty of people who would absolutely love to be your friend and/or your boyfriend! People you really gel with can be pretty tough to find but I promise they're out there. It might take a lot of waiting, which sucks I know, but you WILL find them. If you can connect with your local autistic community, that can really help too.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for leaving me this comment! <3
This is just an interim page in-between this chapter and the next. I like them cause they break up the pace a bit and allow me to draw characters doing things that are in-character for them but that I don't necessarily get to draw them doing within the story of the comic.

The first one had "Chapter One: End" on it or something like that, but I'm not gonna do that from now on, it's just a bit too corny for me now, I think.

The next chapter's been pretty tough for me to work through. Once I had finished drawing Pas and Lian's first date, a couple of months ago now I think, I read the script for the 4th chapter over and.... hated it. I've spent the last couple of months rewriting it and then rewriting it again, never to be satisfied. I wasn't anticipating this kind of problem, having written the entire script out before drawing even a single page, but that's why I've been so inactive lately. I want this comic to be the best that it can be and unfortunately I can be a bit of a perfectionist. But I should iron out all the creases soon. And its only this chapter. Those ahead I'm still happy with. Anyway thanks for reading and for being patient if you've been reading this comic since the beginning (wow) I hope you will continue to see this comic through to it's end!!
The opinions of Pas do not reflect that of my own. I'm sure straight people are just as disturbed by weird animal sex scenes in nature documentaries as I am. Please don't send me angry emails or set my house on fire.
Note: This page has been redrawn but the quality of art may drop in subsequent pages as they are much older.
@plant: He is lol
@plant: Same! I think it's a good habit to get into.
Sorry the page was late! I've been pretty busy.
September 10th, 2016
Lian's augmented reality camâ„¢
@plant: No problem!

I put Pas' age in the summary thing on smackjeeves and in his character profile. I'm not going to put a formal warning as of yet because I feel like it may incorrectly imply that the story deals heavily with this theme and/or that there is some kind of power imbalance between the two, which isn't the case.

But if this proves ineffective and some more people end up getting upset I'll definitely put a warning up!

A bunch more people followed the comic all of a sudden after I did this too and I'm hoping that's a coincidence because I don't want Strings attracting attention because people think it's gonna appeal to some weird fetishy portrayal of relationships where one person is older.

I should have just made the gap smaller but too late now I guess. Oh well. Sorry for my rambling, Plant. Haha.
Almost did it in time! Ah well, a day late isn't so bad.