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I'm a dork studying illustration. I started drawing comics in October 2013 and haven't stopped since. My background is in writing, philosophy, and costuming, all of which heavily influence my work. I try to keep Android weekly while juggling other comics, illustrations, and life. Hope you enjoy it (or any of my work really!). Thanks for stopping by!

If you're interested you can find my horror zine, 11:59, over on Gumroad at:
All future zines will be available on my Gumroad after their initial paperback release. I plan on creating at least 1-2 every year.
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@wyrmspawn: Sike's not allowed to swear under her moral code. So instead she comes up with outlandish insults. It's really fun to try coming up with them.
@Flora Wolf: I assure you this is only the tip of the cutest iceberg to ever exist.
@MockEulogy: Liz is synthetic, but her body works very similarly to a human one. She eats and drinks, same as an organic person, to maintain energy. This is not exactly normal for the technology of her culture/time period; she's very advanced and was intentionally made to appear and act as human as possible.
@MockEulogy: Thanks so much, sweet-pea! I hope you continue to enjoy it!
Sorry about the delay! My internet was out yesterday so I didn't get a chance to upload it. Currently at the nearest public library hoping to god that when I upload this on tumblr my tumblr won't do the thing.... you know... when inevitably you're in public and SOMEONE decides to post nswf content.
We're up and running!
Page one is up! Expect weekly updates every Tuesday. Please excuse the mess of this smackjeeves while I sort everything out. It may not be pretty and complete but the pages will be!