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I'm just your average goth girl living in Arkansas. I like all things dark and creepy, I practice fencing with the german longsword, I love anime, I like to practice my industrial dancing, and my favorite genre of music is Symphonic Black Metal.
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    Alex Flake
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"I Think I Get It"
Well, I sure as Hell don' to elaborate, Rain?
@Allie: I'm sorry. Maybe I should have worded it differently. I'm not trying to make this political. I just brought it up because this page depicts the school staff "unfairly" treating Maria and Chanel because they are lesbians. And thus, the school staff is being made out to be the bad guys. But, (not to sound like a condescending asshole) since I have a clearer visiion of this situation, I thought I would try to make my point known. But take it or leave it, I'm not here to judge or anything.
'Atta girl, Mariah!
I'm glad to see Mariah and Chanel were not willing to give up so easily. TRUE LOVE PREVAILS!
My Thoughts On This...
As A Libertarian, my political beliefs revolve solely around individual freedoms. That means, I believe homosexual couples SHOULD be allowed to be married, but only if someone willingly agrees to marry them, either legally or religiously. That means, if someone follows a faith in which they don't feel comfortable with marrying a same-sex couple, they don't have to. In this case, Maria and Chanel are in a privately owned school, and a religious one at that. So, as long as they are in that school, they could technically be expelled for ANY reason at all. I know this might make me sound like an asshole, but you have to remember that when you give rights to one set of people, you must give the same rights to all others. But, that's just the beauty of the American Constitution.
@Guest: me too. hahaha
This is probably weird
this is probably weird...but i would sooo date Holly. She's adorable <3
Bulge joke. Hahahaha
I feel ur pain buddeh!
That better not be Rudy damnit
IT IS RUDY! THAT IS NOT FUNNEH!...ok, well kinda funny...but dont be surprised if Gavin jumps out of the comic pages and slaps you so hard in the face you'll see the curvature of the Earth.
You should have died the dress black! and she should be holding a German longsword instead of a katana! Shame on you, Jocelyn! SHAME ON YOUUUU!
This page, I like it.
thank you
I didnt know what pansexual meant until now. Thanks for clearing that up.
What if...
What if Rain took a certain guy that Rudy has a crush on, and Rudy took that one chick with the fucked up eyes that Rain has a crush on, then they switched out dates?
On a side note, I don't think anyone would want to dance with or even around me, because since I do a certain dance style known as industrial, I'd probably end up accidentally knocking the shit out of my date. XD
how I sneeze
(when other people sneeze)

(How I sneeze)
February 26th, 2014
My hair
I have terribly Greek hair, so my hair not only has a lot of volume and body to it, but it is also wiry...Imagine pubes on your head, but wavy and longer LOL. I've tried growing out my hair and straightening it, but to no avail. Anyway, I wear my hair slightly long and slicked back with a flare up at the ends. Basically, I look like Loki from the Thor movies. But after I transition, I'm going to just get it cut in a generic short style. My only fear is that, becuase I have a rather built body type, I will still be mistaken as a guy. XD
I know that feel bro...
My mother was ( and still is) a drunken and abusive asshole. She has said numerous times that I was an accident. But whatever, I have a fucking awesome dad who loves me. And on an unrelated note: "Having an abortion? Save yourself the trouble and just eat it!" - Insanity Wolf
Regarding the subject of abortion
As part of the Libertarian party, I'm pro-choice, but only up to a certain extent. I beleive that abortion should only be used if it is absolutely necessary. If you know that you will never be able to keep the baby and have a successful life, then abortion is a valid option. But only if you choose it before 18 weeks, because that is when the baby has grown a brain and nervous system and can feel pain. Also, giving the baby up for adoption is good too, but you don't want to over run the adoption centers, since that would mean more mouths to feed, clothes to buy, etc. I realize this is a sensative topic, but I just thought that before this became a Liberal-Conservative flame war, a Libertarian could come in and clear things up. But if anyone feels they have a valid point, I'm all for having a decent, educated, calm debate.
He's finally at least TRYING to accept it!
Your face is awsome
Becuase you know the cake is a lie. Portal fan!