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"The Oddish"
DT: "Ooh, I see. Now you bother to learn our actual race names. Before it was 'plant' or 'weed'. Now it--SHINY!" -runs off-
Dammit, Peridot, stop jerking his emotions around with little addendums like "probably"! He's too delicate for that.
>Use the spear to set off the fire alarm in the funny red box.
That NPC
That damn NPC deserves more love.
Wait...I didn't know Gengar had Run Away as an ability...
@ChronoAlone: Five bits says it's Liz because she's the only threat to Stagg's Immunity streak. She's the only one who seems physically able to keep up with him. Desmond is great for mind games, but still doesn't exactly apply himself. If I were him, I'd start working on Diego so that I can have a very good goat for the Final Two.
Ding Dong
The wicked witch is dead~
But, seriously, she should have been out Final 10, earliest. She was a perfect goat...except that unwillingness to follow ANYTHING. I loved her character as what she was, just like Iyzebel, but she was even more caustic because she couldn't even stick with WHAT SHE SAID HERSELF. She continually switched back and forth just because someone agreed with her repeatedly at one point!
Just focus on getting yourself together first. The rest can fall into place later.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: When Atty murders his Ratticate in cold blood.
>Give Pickaxe to Kyr
>Use Broken Cleaver to make sure dead body is dead. If not dead, use Mysterious Spear to make it dead.
>Peer through and find out what's on the other side.
@JinxazuMarai: Yes. The plumper it is, the more important to the plot they are.
June 13th, 2015
-buckles in, puts on goggles- Bring it on.
>Equip Spear and use snake powers to climb the wall.
@Shard: Disregarding the video going with it, I see Ket using the dubstep version of the song, as I haven't really seen her slowing up or taking it as mellow as the original song feels to me.
Query: It's been said previously that you'd be likely sticking to 8 and 16-bit games. If you did go to 32-bit games, would those include things like Mega Man Zero/ZX/ZX Advent?
@spark th: In agreement. Get the crazed zombie-hog off your back first, then join up.
...Is it just me, or does that map look like a cross-section of a wolf head?
I don't know what would be scarier: a drunk Heartless, or a Heartless with a hangover. Oh! Make the BIG Heartless drunk!!!