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I'm from a mysterious land controlled by mysterious wise men in the middle of a mysterious forest. Also there's an annoying animal sidekick.
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Colored by:

Colored by:

Wait-- we're not done with the plot twists??
Colored by:

Curious! I wonder what will happen next...?

Also I'm enjoying all the comments out there! Though I wanted to do a quick correction to something sorta silly- a lot of people are referring to Hobo as Hedge (Edgy Hobo, love it!) and I know I posted somethin about it on tumblr too- but I wanted yall to know! Hedge has already sorta been used for Edgy Harold for a while now, as well! That's all. ^^

Colored by:
Base coloring was:

Detailed edgy coloring by: me!


Boy howdy I have been building up to this since chapter 2. And the fact it's finally here is SUCH a relief. I've had this chapter in my head for so long- this has been one of the easiest chapters to draw up.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy...! Trust me, I have a good reason for writing this the way I do.
Page colored by:
This page was colored by me :D

It turned out like such a nightmare-- I'm so proud of these awful, horrifying panels.
I adore how the shading came out on this page!

Colored by:
Colored by:


What are you doing...?
Colored by:

Deja Vu!
Colored by:

Hey, this sounds familiar!
Colored by:

I did edit the backgrounds for this one, and I'm proud of the angle at the very least. ^^ Enjoy!
Colored by:

Colored by:

I particularly like how zeph colored the sleeping bags. They're very cute!
This cover is drawn and colored by!!

A little on this chapter? I've had this chapter thought up since the beginning of the comic. So. Enjoy!
@Guest: Which is hilarious because the Yellow Rose traditionally means 'Friendship' so I dunno who mislead who but it wasn't me brother
@Guest: I've been watching it unfold, and yes-- I very much agree
@Guest: nah it shouldnt, since its following the colors in her hair, but thanks!
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Even if you can't support Gloomverse financially, I'm so grateful you enjoy reading it here! Thanks as always!