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I'm from a mysterious land controlled by mysterious wise men in the middle of a mysterious forest. Also there's an annoying animal sidekick.
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@Grandle Jams: I've been speaking it as,

"Ya-lil" or "Ye-lil" !
oh shit WHAT!? WHAT
@Guest: Man, just wait for the other things I have in store. :)
I'll be at Santa Fe Comic Con this weekend, by the way! If you're around, come on by!
I know the really pretty purplish space backgrounds came out of nowhere but honestly....

I just really wanted to draw them. They felt more fitting then previous backgrounds for this scene.

I.... am so proud of the dialogue on this page.

Enjoy <3
@VixonMangledFox09: Thank you! Vixon is correct.

As for Harold, there have been some pretty heavy hints that his hair color changing had nothing to do with getting a wand specifically, but a secondary reason.
@Cupcake: Man dude EXACTLY Stratoverse is real hecked up, but as things go it'll all be revealed....

I love writing Stratoverse.
@VixonMangledFox09: What Vixon said! It literally blended into his pants so I lit it up to make it clear his wand was in his hand
Bahhh I'm sorry! This part of the convo was too long to have in one page!
@Guest: Having them all speak different lanugages would be very difficult to have the multi-cultural interactions I have planned, so not necessarily. They might speak in different ways (Inverse of course, having a hard time finding words for emotions, sorta thing) But overall they all speak one language!

Stratoverse is kinda screwed up.
hmm?? What's going on here?

And WOOOW there were more comments on that last page, then any page before hand!! I'm blown away.

Just wait for what's coming, I bet you'll like what I got planned!

P.S. Indigo you clearly have no idea what dope means because you wouldn't be using that particular word ever if you actually saw what you look like with your weird cloud hair
@Darth AWQ: Yes I did! I picked Electric Indigo as his primary color for a reason!
@Penguin6: In the very first pages of Indigo's introduction, he's shown with lightning powers. :D

It was planned from the start, yo
Dang was it so INTERESTING watching the discourse on the previous page!! I just hope the result was worth it. <3

Enjoy, I know I am!

What's goin on nooowwww??
Oh hey I got a couple pages to upload here! Neat!