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I'm from a mysterious land controlled by mysterious wise men in the middle of a mysterious forest. Also there's an annoying animal sidekick.

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Comment on NO there is no page, please read the Authors comment of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 27 Mar 2015 01:26 am
Okay hello
Remember how I said I was gonna start updating two pages a week, like in the old days? And then all of a sudden, Photoshop Elements 8 started flipping out and freezing every time I try to add text? And my Paint Tool SAI program, which I use to literally color every little thing in the comic, completely freaked out and died and the only way to get my favorite coloring program back is to buy it with money I literally don't have? No, I didn't explain this earlier?

Welp. This is exactly whats happening.

I spent much of my day trying to repair these programs, or seeing if there was any way to recover my old SAI program, and nothing happened, and nothing I did worked, so I decided to do the whole page in Photoshop, and it took a while and it was clunky because I don't like using photoshop to color, and when the WHOLE page was done and everything was right, I saved the file and accidentally grabbed the typing tool, which of course froze my screen. So I restarted my computer, thinking I was fine because the file was LITERALLY just saved, and turns out accidentally using the type tool, also destroyed all my work that I did in the last few hours.

So, TLDR; I'm poor, I can't afford to buy important art programs to make my comics with because my art programs are dying, AND the page I just finished has been completely lost and I have to start over from the beginning again.

So.... I'm not going to be able to update until tomorrow. (AKA Friday). Okay byeee
Comment on Wallis and Purple - Page 22 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 23 Mar 2015 10:27 pm
Comment on Wallis and Purple - Page 21 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 20 Mar 2015 05:15 pm
@JinxazuMarai: Truth is, I was so busy I lost track of what day it was, and accidentally missed updating on Monday. I plan on trying to get the pages done days in advance, and update on their own, so that won't be a problem. :)
Comment on Wallis and Purple - Page 21 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 20 Mar 2015 04:59 pm
Gloomverse, instead of just updating on Mondays, will now have an update schedule of MONDAYS and THURSDAYS! I want to get this comic moving along, and by doubling up on the days, I know I'll work harder to get more pages! Its crazy busy lately, with my full time job and preparing to move, so sometimes it makes me have to put Gloomverse to the side. But I don't wanna do that anymore, so ta da! Enjoy.
Comment on Wallis and Purple - Page 19 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 11 Mar 2015 11:07 pm
Dang guys, Wallis just popped back up, is this really the time to argue?

Then again you can barely think of each other without your blood boiling.

Oh well, carry on.
Comment on Wallis and Purple - Page 18 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 01 Mar 2015 12:24 pm
Fun Details!
I wrote these up a while ago, to finally connect the details of magic within Gloomverse. I doubt it will ever be explained in explicit detail within the comic, simply because no characters besides Purple likes to go on huge teaching tangents, but just in case, the basic rules of magic are available to read here 543

and here! 576?ga_submit_new=10%253A1380835893
Comment on Wallis and Purple - Page 11 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 27 Jan 2015 08:20 am
Sorry this page was late! I'm still trying to learn how to juggle my full time job, life and comics. Enjoy!
Comment on Wallis and Purple - Page 7 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 05 Jan 2015 03:01 pm
@The_mad_one: Actually what the guest said is true! Its a younger generation thing. Sorta like how goths and emos used to be a big thing, and there were stores that catered to them, but that didn't mean the general public all dressed like that, or it was in the norm.
Comment on A Gift for loverofpiggies of Secret Santa 2014
Loverofpiggies, 23 Dec 2014 12:25 pm
Hahaha this was wonderful!!!! Thank you so much secret santa!!!
Comment on Wallis and Purple of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 05 Dec 2014 03:48 pm
I normally say a little tidbit about the upcoming chapter here... but the title does a good job of that.

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