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I'm from a mysterious land controlled by mysterious wise men in the middle of a mysterious forest. Also there's an annoying animal sidekick.

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Comment on Black and White - Page 2 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 20 Oct 2014 02:11 am
@SaviourInDistress: That is because the true title of the job is "Magical Colonel" but its also common just to call it Colonel.
Comment on Black and White - Page 1 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 19 Oct 2014 11:52 pm
Hello everyone! I just wanted to say, I LOVE the discussions on the previous page. I figured it would be more visible here on a new page, then on that one. I love seeing fan theories for whats going to happen in GV, it really puts a smile on my face!

Not only that, it gives me perspective on how you guys are interpreting what I put on the pages. I see everything from the creators viewpoint, not the fans, so its very refreshing.

Also, enjoy!
Comment on Black and White of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 16 Oct 2014 12:03 am
New Chapter, wooo!
Alright everyone, I know technically I posted this indepth Gloomverse map earlier, but that was a filler page, and now that the filler page has been deleted, I wanted a better spot to view the map. So, I decided on the cover for this chapter! Primarily because I rarely do regular art anymore, because I'm having too much fun doing comics!

Onto information about this chapter- exciting things are coming together, and I can't wait to share them because its going to be AWESOME. Okay, that wasn't necessarily useful information, but really I can't talk much about this one. Looks like you'll have to wait for it as it comes!

Comment on The Waking World - Page 21 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 06 Oct 2014 04:39 am
I know he's a huge ass, but I LOVE drawing every scene with him ever.
Comment on The Waking World - Page 19 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 03 Oct 2014 09:23 pm
Two pages today, enjoy!
Comment on The Waking World - Page 17 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 03 Oct 2014 06:16 pm
@MegaMiner71: That... is actually a fantastic summary.
Comment on The Waking World - Page 17 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 01 Oct 2014 04:55 am
@OneEyedCat: All I'll say, is I'm happy someone brought that up finally
Comment on The Waking World - Page 17 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 01 Oct 2014 04:14 am
Hehe I was planning for them to come back at this part, I suspected the reaction might be something like this.
Comment on The Waking World - Page 16 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 30 Sep 2014 12:45 am
@Estarflame: Well mostly because there are a bunch of nasty rumors about Wallis running around, and the stuff about Assistant... well that'll pop up soon.
Comment on The Waking World - Page 16 of Gloomverse
Loverofpiggies, 28 Sep 2014 10:33 pm
Updates on Life!
Okay, I'm very tired but I'm also incredibly grateful for all the kind words you all gave me. :) I want you to know, I helped my mom for a week and a half, cleaning up after her, doing every little thing she'd ever need anyone to do, and she was able to leave the hospital. I'm not going to lie, it was really scary for a while, but she's pulling through. The doctors still don't know whats wrong with her, but she's going to go back in and get looked at, once she stops being so inflamed (I'm keeping this vague obviously, for privacy reasons) and she's taking a ton of meds. It was a long, and exhausting process. But I think she's gonna pull through, though I'm worried about the test results whenever they finally return.

To be honest, this entire month has been horribly exhausting. This event with my mom was icing on the cake, of some other particularly horrible stuff at the beginning of the month (I had a really bad health scare myself, and I'm also waiting for the results to come in, desperately hoping I don't have what I think I might have) and on top of that, we found three dogs on the side of the road and had to search all over Texas for a no-kill shelter to take them. This has all happened this month, and it just doesn't seem to end.

That being said, I'm so exhausted from the constant problems going on (add all that onto my final senior classes) and I'm just a big ball of tired. I hope this is the last of what happens, and I hope I can get my passion for comics back soon. I'm not here to scare anyone, but all these problems have drained the life out of me, and concentrating on my passions are very hard to do right now.

But I have a buffer, and I will try to update when I'm supposed to. Now I feel like I'm gonna go to sleep or something again. Don't worry, I'll get my drive back, I just need a break from life for a while. :) And it'll still update weekly, I just can't guarantee more then that until I hit my stride again.

Thanks everyone for being wonderful!


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