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@Guest: Well. This also doesn't include the 5 Voltron prints I've prepped for my next con coming up-- boy oh boy. I....well, I suppose if I need anything its to learn to relax, ah hahahahaa. LUCKILY I do have a vacation coming up next month, so I'll be doing exactly that!
I don't care
TAKE TWO PAGES TODAY, this is your week of updates enjoy
Life Updates!
Some of yall who don't follow me on Tumblr wouldn't know why I missed a few updates, but let me link you here to a post explaining it all - ing-falling-down

Now its time to get back to all that life stuff! Until then, enjoy this page, cuz I sure do!
New page!! Also, Gloomverse won't be updating Tuesday, unless something big changes....! Enjoy!
Transition page!!
Not super interesting I guess. X_X
I fixed her shirt, thanks!
Page fixed! Sorry it wasn't showin up everyone!
Woah, I almost forgot this today! In my defense, I've been sick and in bed all day.

EDIT: Okay I realized the background needed a little tweaking. The train stop wasn't anywhere to be seen! Thank you!
I spent aaaaall morning shipping out a ton more stuff. X_X I am very tired! About 7 hours straight of just final packing, shipping, blah blah.

In other news; dang this comic updated! Wowza!
Where did you come from exactly??

Its 3 am. I'm still awake. This is a very rare occasion indeed.

In other news-- I adore this page, I adore this page so dang MUCH.
2 Page update!
Today is an early page, and then tomorrow also has a page! Yep!

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Let it be known, I wasn't angry or nothin! I was just making it clear if you ship it awesome, I just got the story to tell the way I want to.

I don't want anyone feeling bad, I want everyone to have fun! But I just wanted to explain to the people who begged: oops, sorry! That's not gonna work on me! hehe
But I will say, any ships I have planned are like, definitely full on planned.

Its a bummer though cuz I never get to talk about them on streams. ): Spoilers, and all that.

EDIT: Also this does mean anyone can ship anything they want! Like I'm SUPER cool with this! Just that, I won't change plots for the sake of what people want.

When focus groups write things, this is how you get movies like the Lorax
@BattleStarX: ;) More fun then anything else
Just a fun side note!
A lot of people were beggin me to 'make certain ships canon' recently so I'm gonna say this one thing:

I will never ever alter my comic to appease readers. If I ever choose to change things, its because an idea I like more has come up, or that a reader says an idea I GENUINELY want to play with, in story!

But I will never cave in to pressure, and change how characters think and behave, because people think they're cute together. Whatever plans I have for the story, will go exactly the way I've been planning them to go for years.


I have a bunch of these colored up, so I'm just updating them whenever!
Not the biggest page, but definitely an important one.
A surprise page cuz why not!
Two pages today! Just be aware! I'm still trying to figure out whether updating them both at once in a single file- or in two separate updates, is the way to go. Feel free to tell me in the comments!