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Let it be known, I wasn't angry or nothin! I was just making it clear if you ship it awesome, I just got the story to tell the way I want to.

I don't want anyone feeling bad, I want everyone to have fun! But I just wanted to explain to the people who begged: oops, sorry! That's not gonna work on me! hehe
But I will say, any ships I have planned are like, definitely full on planned.

Its a bummer though cuz I never get to talk about them on streams. ): Spoilers, and all that.

EDIT: Also this does mean anyone can ship anything they want! Like I'm SUPER cool with this! Just that, I won't change plots for the sake of what people want.

When focus groups write things, this is how you get movies like the Lorax
@BattleStarX: ;) More fun then anything else
Just a fun side note!
A lot of people were beggin me to 'make certain ships canon' recently so I'm gonna say this one thing:

I will never ever alter my comic to appease readers. If I ever choose to change things, its because an idea I like more has come up, or that a reader says an idea I GENUINELY want to play with, in story!

But I will never cave in to pressure, and change how characters think and behave, because people think they're cute together. Whatever plans I have for the story, will go exactly the way I've been planning them to go for years.


I have a bunch of these colored up, so I'm just updating them whenever!
Not the biggest page, but definitely an important one.
A surprise page cuz why not!
Two pages today! Just be aware! I'm still trying to figure out whether updating them both at once in a single file- or in two separate updates, is the way to go. Feel free to tell me in the comments!
Two pages today! Just be aware! I'm still trying to figure out whether updating them both at once in a single file- or in two separate updates, is the way to go. Feel free to tell me in the comments!
Seaweed what kind of question is that
I am loving all these comments and theories you guys :D
Sometimes I get lots of pages done, and I've decided when I do that, I'll post em like this.

Also whaaaaaa?! What's goin on NOW?
@Guest: Hey, I don't blame you for being scared of the direction I chose. In fact, I wanted to go this direction like over a YEAR before the Cake Girl arc even started. I struggled for many months trying to decide if I should go this way, or if I'm a good enough writer to make this work, ect ect.

But- I made the decision finally, because I knew I'd regret it if I didn't try. I will do my best with the direction this story takes.... and with what I have coming up, I honestly think it will be worth it. I think people will like the decisions I make and genuinely be happy with what will happen from here.

As you can tell, I take writing very seriously, and I am constantly challenging myself. This... I wouldn't have gone this direction if I didn't think long and hard about how I was going to play it out.

Thanks for trusting in me, I will do my best!!
Oh yeah and also here is a page today. Enjoy!
YUP! Updates have also been sporadic, because I've been working on some super neat private stuff. <3

I have a public redbubble store now! For all yall who might want merch from anything I'm currently creating! Check it out here!

Gloomverse volume 1 is also currently available, for all PATRONS on my Patreon account!

Gloomverse volume 1 will become available to the public in about a month or so, but right now its only at conventions/privately through a patron purchase, from today, up to May 5th!

Thank you!!
I like to update comics in sets of two with this one, apparently.
I hated writing that first panel I hated it so much I'm telling you... it hurt to write and it was just- NGH.

But.... it has to happen. I'm so sorry Assistant.
@MrRedWhale: Hey! My Picarto stream link is on the previous page, but you brought up a really good point-- I'll edit up my page and include it in my 'link' section!!
Hey Guys!
Just a quick note! This'll be the only page this week, I'm going to go sell merchandise at El Paso Comic Con, and I'll be leaving tomorrow to get to the hotel room.

El Paso is about 4 hours away from me, and conventions are real exhausting. I'll be driving back on Monday, and I expect to promptly pass out and have zero work done.

So, I'll have a page ready for Monday, but I do not have enough time to have a page ready for Monday, and Friday!

Also: uh oh, I don't like where this is going.
@Guest: GAH! Thank you so much! I PROMISE, I take tons of breaks to keep myself sane and to not overwork myself. <3