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Woah dude! So many nice comments about the first panel-- thanks! It was actually surprisingly difficult to edit, but I'm really happy I got it to look just the way I wanted. Yall are too nice ok
@JBPDragonGirl: Nope! He is walking behind her, which makes the angle work just fine when you change perspectives
Not really too much to say on these pages, they're all build up. Enjoy!
Back to the action....
nooo don't make me love it THIS MUCH THIS IS TOO CUTE
HEY EVERYONE! First off: This AMAZING cover was drawn by the very talented Zephrinx, one of my patrons, and they've become a good friend of mine! Also I love their art.


Nowwwww onto a little preview into this chapter.

We're continuing off, where the Friends chapter ended. This chapter.... has been a headache to write, and I've been writing and rewriting it to try and get it PERFECT. Simple truth is-- the subtitle, Revelations.... is VERY accurate to things that will unfold here. Enjoy!
Aaaand chapter done! I wonder what might be coming next?? :0
@Grandle Jams: I've been speaking it as,

"Ya-lil" or "Ye-lil" !
oh shit WHAT!? WHAT
@Guest: Man, just wait for the other things I have in store. :)
Happy Halloween!!!
I hope those who celebrate Halloween are having a great one!

Enjoy, everybody!
My brother is getting married tomorrow!

In other news, I love that dumb face the Prez makes.

My brother is getting married this weekend, and as the Maid of Honor I got a crazy amount of stuff I get to worry about and do.

As you can imagine, I worked really hard to get as many pages done in advance as possible, to avoid any issue. But I bet this week is gonna be crazy for me!

Updates will still be the same though!

I'll be at Santa Fe Comic Con this weekend, by the way! If you're around, come on by!
I know the really pretty purplish space backgrounds came out of nowhere but honestly....

I just really wanted to draw them. They felt more fitting then previous backgrounds for this scene.

I.... am so proud of the dialogue on this page.

Enjoy <3
@VixonMangledFox09: Thank you! Vixon is correct.

As for Harold, there have been some pretty heavy hints that his hair color changing had nothing to do with getting a wand specifically, but a secondary reason.
@Cupcake: Man dude EXACTLY Stratoverse is real hecked up, but as things go it'll all be revealed....

I love writing Stratoverse.
@VixonMangledFox09: What Vixon said! It literally blended into his pants so I lit it up to make it clear his wand was in his hand