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I'm from a mysterious land controlled by mysterious wise men in the middle of a mysterious forest. Also there's an annoying animal sidekick.
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@Guest: Nope

If there are any plotholes, none of them involve Wallis's powers.

The hair was explained, and the limbs and levitation have YET to be explained, big difference!
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One of my favorite pages :D
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Page colored by:
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God I love.... space....

That's not extremely helpful is it.
This page was colored by:

Technically, this page ended up being a blend of Zeph's coloring of space, and my own-- I edited in some of my usual space backgrounds on top of what Zeph created-- and this might be one of my favorite pages ever done because of it.

I really, really love space.

Enjoy everyone. ^^
That's right! On top of doing conventions full time, being able to color and work on Gloomverse completely alone was becoming downright exhausting and IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with. So now.... I've hired colorists!!! YAAAY! So big round of applause for the people helping make this comic possible!

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I wish I had more ideas on what to say here, sorry guys. X_X

I have no clue what to put here today. >>; Sorry folks
Jeeeese I'm so proud of that last panel, its so simple yet it says so much... at least, to me.
Dang, they shook

...this comment isn't helpful I'm very sorry
Wallis is one of the least assholish characters in the story I think, but hey what do I know
@HamVerse: lol you poor soul
@SakuraGlitch: yes