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Princess of Donutland
So then
it took me some time to create an account
and though I don't have a comic ready yet
I do plan on using this to keep up with those that I watch
I like:
role-playing, yaoi, yuri...and romance in general
rude people
my hobbies:
drawing, reading and sometime writing

Its nice to meet you all
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I want a cuddly kitten @u@
I remember when mine was that small >u<~
that snarky expression!
she's adorable >u<~
how sweet of him...>.>
letting his brother be taken care of by the very kind >.>;;
isn't he worried one of them will his Akira as much as he does D<

also, either Chikusa is a liar... was one of those "orphan kids" or just a bastard...maybe all of the above
well I don't know about that my dear sponge
I don't think he even knows what he can do, or even that that mark is as important as it is. For his sake, it would be best that he didn't know, and they didn't~
but that wouldn't be as much fun for as would it ;D
HOMG! you're back!
I thought this died @0@
but you're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack <3333
I'm so glad to see it updated ^u^~
cute cute cute <3
they're both cute
welcome back <3
>.> I'm in my mid twenties (I'd give ya a specific age but compared to the others I feel old enough as is!). I'm bi for the most part, but right now I have a boyfriend. Been with him over a year, things are going well. I live in Arizona, the oh so fun state :: sarcasm:: >.<; um, am well traveled. Born overseas, grew up in Europe. >.> I sound fancy right? Except, oops, I'm boring as hell xD! Don't have a life right now, trying to get one but I can't until I get a job and the job market is...well you know...>.<;
any who, there's more, but that's boring too I'm sure. So I'll leave it at that.
:: goes back to lurking ::
OMG Kizzy
I missed this comic so much
thank you so much for reviving this
I look forward to seeing more ~
it's ok Travis
we love you <3~
even if you cheat
"that little bitch kicks hard"
I love it XD
I'm sure he does
I mean just because he's pretty doesn't mean he's not tough
right ;D
but still
poor Connor
I sorta feel bad for him
but at the same time
I'm giggling
he's shaven ~
just as I thought
they used to do naughty things
and poor Akira-chan didn't think anything of it, was too trusting~
until his 'onii-chan' left ~
and he realized the things they did were wrong D:
and so not his fault!
or something like it
or not XD
I don't know
let me pretend
:: giggles :: O u O
Onii-chan loves Akira-chan
maybe a little too much ne~
ah your art is so pretty~
I'ma watch you on DA <3
I knew it
Onii-chan loves his little brother doesn't he >8D
I mean
I look forward to it o u o <333
raep is imminent~
either that or its not Onii-chan at all D8
I need to knooooooow
; A ;~
so much
he...actually looked
but hey, knowing Connor maybe it is there

:: GROPE ::
yes please @ u @ <3333 ~
but I'm broke xD~
I wish I could buy

do it >.>
:: so fails ::

but no really I am broke so even if you did do it I couldn't buy
awe, he looks so cute with all that pink
and yet
so evil too
I wonder what kinda favors O__O
will it involve naughtiness >w>
:: hopes so ::
I love you
I so do~
XD she is adorable, and she really is taking this well
though I wonder how she'll react when she realizes it isn't a dream
nice rack
I mean
run XD
go eat
try, even if you can't keep it down
or at least drink lots
get well soon, ok?
If Connor was gagged with it, of course there would be saliva on it >.>~

Sheesh Noel~
interrogate him already
grope him
show him whose boss
I mean um
:: cuddles :: <3~
is ok, it was worth the wait~
oh hey is blondey~
and he has shark teeth~
I think I like him more now

welcome back holy o u o~
the story and thew art are both very unique
I look forward to reading the second chapter o v o