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I'm a Nintendo fan, mostly with Mario games. I also like swimming, watching videos I find funny and being around my family and friends :-)
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    Richard 'Liam'Williams
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THAT Second Panel really made my day LOL XD
Anyone feel like playing the 'unknown item' theme from Metroid: Zero Mission for the last two panels?
Nice to see you giving Mario the personality he had in the comic. (Also, since EVERYONE has asked this, who DOES flush a shoe, exactly?)
@Danny8bit: I understand that you are doing your own thing while paying homage, like say how The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds does the same thing towards A link to the Past. I mean, if you copied it frame by frame, all this comic would be is Super Mario Adventures, but in a more cleaner and modern art style and we all know you wouldn't just throw away good art like this by doing that.
@Danny8bit: How 'bout we see her play a more modern Mario game, like Galaxy, NSMBWii or 3D World?
@Danny8bit: XD That's a good thing. December 22nd, here we come.
Let's hope all the work placed into this pays off.