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@SQ976: I completely agree!!
I really want it!!!! Too bad shipping is about $60 . . . money, why are you so expensive??!?!?!?
A Request
@miyuli: Hello, I have been following 'Lost Nightmare' since you first published it (I have also read our other comics and I love them)! I have come to you with a request, see I find it a bit difficult having to Login and check my favourites to see if 'Lost Nightmare' has updated, I will continue to do so, as I adore your story line and art style! I was wondering if you could set up a follower, alert of subscription button on the page. So lovers of the comic would be emailed or (maybe you could even create an app for the comic!) something. This is just a request and if it can't be done then I will continue to follow 'Lost Nightmare' just the same! I love everything about the comic! Good Work~
She changed shirt!
@mrb67: I completely agree, I'm so excited!!!!!
I look forward to seeing it in action!! They both look really happy~~~ They are just so cute XD
Was i the only on who noticed that in from the first panel to the second last panel her shirt changed???
Awwww, Jasper's falling face is so adorable!! I just wanna snuggle him~~
Great Comic!!!! It is really intriguing and the amount of times you update is unbelievable!! Great Work
OMG, So Awesome!!! I would just like to say that your drawing style has improved drastically. I went back and re-read Kaito Shuno and the style has become so much better!!! Great Work~~
This is such a good comic!!! I love your drawing style and I think the character styles and development is going phenomenally!! I love all the characters and I can't wait to see what kind of person the sand man is going to be~~ I hope that you update again soon, I really want to see Jasper and Ink getting along and why it is that Ink was named by Jasper!!!
This is so awesome!!! I adore this story and I can't wait for the next update~~