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Highlander TH
NEWS!: Made New Account called SlylanderTH there i will Update comics like theres no tommorow (I hope) and with a timetable of course to stay in track so hope i'll seeya there
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    Highlander TH
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Right from the looks of things you guys are all ganging up on him for one reason you all hate him. Well theres no visual evidence to say it was him, hell someone might be framing both of you.
I hate it when that happens XD
@Harrow: Then we'll make life D:
Idea 2. Wheres option 3 KEEP IT ALIVE GOSH DAMN IT D:

Sure thing!
Sorry for the haitus but hopefully we're back in full swing.
oh man...when will this end.. lol boxi XD
Sly: thats me dewi, my bro will never change ^^

and if ya need slys new sprites pm me
Claude: Is she single?

Claude! your in love for once!?

Claude: uhh...maybe
OH you mean the pumpkin i used to make a pie? *shifty eyes*
Im not lazy anymore!

*awesome thumbs up*
ouch get better soon
lol same Can i cameo for the next plot
Ah Dewi...ya idiot XD
Hey that may be my new line..

Oh shiznuggets