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Not Glum Fandom
Moved over to another account :P
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So much Leafeon...
(btw, I'm gunna be moving accounts soon. Username will be: Jdburr
Corn... I don't like corn...
Corn has 4 letters, and so does poop, youtube has youtube poop, youtube poop is weird, weird like zebras, zebras have stripes, so does the American flag, George Washington was American, George is a name, name has four letters, like... p... GASP OMG U PERVVVVVV
I remember getting noogies.... dark days.....
BTW, I would like to buy that fine art of leafeon plz
Ive had bad experiences with shipping.
Everything Dusk said needs to be on a shirt.
Poor Rick... oh yeah and the other guys too
wait is Dawn coming back?
what? who? when? where? why? baco--- that's out of the question. I'm just gonna go watch Ouran...
@Not Glum Fandom: NO WAIT NEVERMIND I'm not Kira don't hurt me... heheh...
@Guest: that was me saying that heheh I am Kira praise me k bai :3
wait who's sky again T-T I forget
7th panel: I think eve has turned into some kind of a... demon?
@guess who it is...: deep
how does... I mean Dusk is... but.... he's dumb and... I... HOW DOES HE CAHNGE HIS IQ THAT EASILY?
and then explosions the end
@Pinkeevee222: trust me, I'm better at drawing but I was too lazy so I drew on MS Paint. You're somewhere at the end :P