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I thought it said "I'll be sleeping with you Atticus" in the second panel for a moment there 0.o

Using Charmander/Dragonthing as a lighter XDD I have a feeling he's going to get much abuse.

cute <3
this is by far... the best page. in. existence

Moe... in a skirt....

Moe looks so cyuuuute XD
*huggles him*
panel 5 made me LOL :3
Xin and Bailey are both cute and creepy...
Am I the only one who finds panel 2 awkward? :S

and I'm happy I got the Hell Hotline reference :D
Now now Skye, you should keep that temper under control.
and not damage school property XD
I would back away as well if someone has waving a scalpel in my face XD
Xin's so cuuute <333
February 10th, 2008
Love the Last panel...

"Threeeeesome~" XD
Clara looks kinda angry in the last panel...

And I love Mindy's expression in yje last panel as well!
¢¾ first and last panel.

Gotta love the chibis!
Last Panel = love

"I win!" XD

$5 sounds pretty reasonalbe to me... mainly 'cause thats about £2.50, so... :)

Love the comic anyways.
I love this!