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A Friend of LoverofPiggies, and Editor of Mortifier. We are Homicidal Penguins Corp.! -poses
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Me no likey this pairing XP but hahahaha silly Kole.
So Cute ~^w^~
-giggles madly- Ahahahaha~!!
My Question
Dear Zebidiah;
What do you like to do on your free time, that no one knows about?

~ <3
Dawn: -looks around scared before being forced to glomp Zebi-

God he's sexy~!
Valentine is very pretty in the last panel. Where's my ZEBI? D<
sweet~ Oi do you have work today?
I'll have to think of something to draw. However I no getty to win.

-still depressed- Probably gonna be away from the computer today...mainly sleeping, eating and doing homework.
Oh probably won't be on aim for awhile. Cause gotta cook, design my house, clean, do laundry, do homework and draw this week. Also Friday gotta babysit.
Poor Valentine~ oh and wasabipea : it only adds to the mood for him to be born on that day

Oh piggies, Alec is about dead DX

-clicks- There's no more? -clicks- .......I'm freezing and there are no more pages! TT__TT
kay~ have fun -draws out her comic boredly in Multimedia-
Sorry that I'm a lousy editor XP I'll try harder~ just send me more pages and I'll help you on the words if you want XD
that's terrible XD haha Wasabipea. >D but I do admit sexy~
-_- This makes me sad......Valentine... DX
I remember this picture ^^
So pretty -pets-
aw he's so pretty...

pretty damn hot!
Sexy british man!~
haha got bored and drew the second short comic of my comic. XD
Ah and the hottest man alive is coming up? -smiles and swoons-
Haha you made my characters look pretty bad ass.