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Nah, chill.
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hypey dude is the play, the 2018 one looks, insulting? surprised to see another old school sprite sj'er around.
The effects i did on this page i think were good, but the dialouge needs improvement, I don't need to be talking for everything, or atleast I could be more natural about it.
There is no escaping this.
Is there like a joke I'm not getting?
do you know da whey.
see the fact that you make these fights long add character the pages, and make the fights seem much more real. This is something many sprinters were missing back in the day.
Honest joy to read these pages, you're really talented.
emphisis on YOU set the tone, cursing isn't a necessity and if you use it sparingly it adds weight to those words, if its used too much the comic comes off as uneducated.
This is probably the best one to read on this advice page, great work! I know this was years ago, but honestly this deserves a medal.
Most people are actually garbage at fights and I don't think this page actually helps very much. I agree Trash Talking is a plus, Very useful. Beam blast are a mixed bag, unavoidable, because they definitely look cool, but you can't make them generic, The character who's using that beam attack as a special move, should use it more often than that specific fight, let's call that blast piko shockwave, that should a part of her moveset and her character sheet should tell us that's one of her special moves, she should have a clear reason why she uses it when she does and why she wont when she doesn't everyone has a fighting style try and be realistic when making a specific character fight, or it just looks like anyone could be fighting in that situation. One sided fights should be more common than even fights, if every fight is even they become predictable and unrealistic. Overcoming one characters strength/strategy after being revealed and slowly gaining advantage is more interesting than constantly even battles, always keep your reader guessing on how this fight will go down, whether its a lest second reversal, or complete dominance, slowly gaining momentum and of course an even battle. Yea the last 2 panels are definitely are true.
i think this is true to an extent, but if you're making an author comic, and you just kinda accept whoever, fuck you if you want a completely organized plot, half the fun is dealing with the disorganization, and when you actually do organize a few pages, it looks amazing.
@Deltaman: out of curiosity was there a specific tutorial you used to learn or was it just practice, trial/error?
i respect the fact you didn't straight up abandon it then.
@Shard: See I think i was thinking this in the back of my head but didn't put it into words, But ultimately i'm not going to change the hair. I love the way it came out too much to me, it looks perfect. Though the mugshot doesn't help this comparison, i'm no good at making them. The real issue with the hair I feel, comes from the the poses where he's not looking being looked at from the left or right, i guess the 3d sprites, those look way too identical to sora, and i appreciate you pointing that out. I'll have to figure out some way to make those look better, I suck at those perspectives obviously. -.-'

@Salimus: Yeah a friend of mine pointed this out to me, he suggested adding something to contrast the dark, like a belt, which i may do eventually, but you're right, i'll start making the clothes brighter soon.
The sheet looks bigger than it is because I outline all the techniques my character can perform, I hate this bullshit where everyone leaves it vague so everyone can just do whatever with their characters in terms of abilities, names also have meaning when you don't have 5 other moves with the same name that do the same thing. He can switch between trench knives and keyblade (tho i wont really introduce the keyblade till later in his own story.) like a stance change, needs to keep someone out, he'll use the keyblade. But if he's chasing someone down he'll use trench knives, mid-combo he could switch to make longer extensions, things like that. Kingdom hearts isn't the easiest style to do, especially for fist fighting, so I'm proud of how it came out, tho I did need Royle McCulloch to help me out, I wish I could do better with the faces on the fighting sprites but they came out alright. As far as abilities go the sheet is basically complete, I am planning on giving him the ability to summon turtles down the line, and give him a keyblade rider, which of course means armor, aside from that its just adding more poses so he seems more and more alive. Thoughts?
This is actually amazing that you still make comics, just dropping in cause I saw you comment in something else that I was reading, but Jesus man, I was in middle school when you first saw you do things. I'm out of college, Serious legend.
Your Effects are so good, you have got to tell me what you used to make it. Also i got to say your story telling has improved so much since i last read.
i think this change was too sudden, all that, and he's just like "Aight cool, sora's lit let's go save kairi"? He went to far off the deep end for him to just nonchalantly be like, "We gucci now."