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Hellos everyone^^ My name is Yepa!

Anime_.Manga_.Drawing_.Singing_.Going on Gaiaonline_.Yaoi_.
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I don't know how it happened D: But it's fixed now
So here's the next page everyone :D I better go draw some more

@Medieval-Sparrow: I know I'm late sweetie D:
@cyduc: There coming there coming xD
So i kinda lost the original dialog for the top panel :( When I find it I'll probably change it.

Also if you haven't could you please go vote for me on facebook :D 6.56924.167804953230397&ref=nf
and 989&ref=nf
Sorry I went on Hiatus without saying anything D: Lots happened and I kinda forgot about the comic until I re-found the pages. But I am happy to say that starting tomorrow I will be posting new pages :3 I'm gonna try and sketch out many pages ahead of what's uploaded that way I don't end up disappearing again
December 15th, 2010
I absolutely love this comic >u< <3
December 13th, 2010
Sometimes when I play a new game I beat my friends 3 out of 4 times xD Though that's only for fighting games.
I never really play video games either
It's been awhile since I've drawen any comic pages :D
Please enjoy
lol I love random Inari~!
lol thanks xD I'm gonna post a version of it on da once I colour it
November 24th, 2009
Well here's page 7 just like I promised^^ Right now half my mouth is frozen(just got back from the dentist) and part of my nose is too D: Anyways^^ I'm going to go see the sound of music tomorrow so I might upload the next page later tonight instead. I would like to thank my readers who kept with this comic even though I didn't update for along while^^ <3
I Thought I should mention that I'm currently having a contest on DA if you wish to enter(even if you don't have DA You can still enter, I will try to think up different prizes for smackjeeves winner^^)

Start Date: October 28th 2009
End Date: January 21th 2010
Winers are announced: January 28th 2010
You can go to my journal for more info

Though for character info you can go over to the character page^^
November 23rd, 2009
There will be an update every day this week!!!
I can promise you that!
It's been awhile hasn't it^^; I'm sorry for taking such a long break! I kinda lost some of the pages and I didn't feel like re-drawing them D: So I just left it until today when I finally found most of them! Thankfully the one page I couldn't find was a page I've already posted.

One of these day I'm gonna sit down and and re-draw this. Maybe once my art and story tell abilities are better
November 17th, 2009
It's kind of funny I drew a leon chibi today too xD Along with an Aya chibi^^

Anyways this is really cute^^
November 17th, 2009
But torturing people is so much fun! lol j/k

o! Well that's easily fixable!!
November 17th, 2009
lol I'm glad^^
November 17th, 2009
This is a continuation from "Mr.Puggy...?" ^^

I had alot of fun drawing this though I'm not sure how I did with the other characters. I like how Leon lost his cloak from the first page xD O! Leon isn't knocked out he's just momentary unconscious. I'm not sure how he got behind the door.
Inari been wanting to ask if she could take him home for along time.

I tired my hand at doing a coloured page but I suck at backgrounds T__________T

Who ever want to continue this can^^ I'm gonna be a bit busy animating the next couple of days
I'll try^^ I kind of have an idea now..
I'm tempted to do the next page but I don't have an idea T_____T
@Jem: I have ubuntu as my operating system so I can't use Photoshop. I'm just so used to using GIMP now, but if I had to switch back I probably could do it. Besides GIMP is very much like photoshop
What about Part 1? O_o