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I'm a graphic artist & illustrator by profession. I enjoy telling stories and studying cultures. I've just begun playing in webcomics and hope to go far with it. Black Gate is my current personal project, others will follow as I progress and level up. I've been drawing and interested in such things ever since I could remember. It's only been the last two years(Late 2012) that I decided I wanted to get serious about my artwork though.
Up until then I had been relying on the random 'aha' moments that sometimes strike, after 2012 I began seeking those 'aha' moments so that I would improve faster. I have had no professional training for graphic design or illustration; I'm self-taught.
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Getting this mirror going. We're off to a cold, cold start.
@SueDonem: Thank you so much! :) This page was a lot of fun to work on
Sorry about the wait on this one! Things have been crazy and I've had to work on some other things. Chapter 2 is underway(not coming for several more pages mind you) and is on the horizon around the 35 page mark. We see a bit more of Ryae's first day in academy so stick around.
This comic has been great so far. I really like this page, and just the premise of the story is really cool as well. :)
And Black Gate is back. :)
February 21st, 2014
Sorry about the small hiatus! I had some previous commitments I had to finish before I could proceed with this.