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Thank you for all your support. Ideally I want to post more often during the summer this year.

I added this scene so we can see that Alpha is still very alive. Normally I would want everything to be put through Saturno's perspective only, but I after going through future scenes I felt this page needed to be included.
Gasp. A bell...! I don't know what to say.
Commenting to show I care!
3rd panel awesome! Great humor!
Doing what I can to keep this updating despite how busy I have been on other projects. I don't think I can pull off this Friday's update. I got a room full of human piranha teens that will eat me alive if I don't make a decent vector art portrait and one point perspective city drawing with color example for them by Thursday.
@Ringcaat: Glad to hear you like the comic. Binges are nice. There will be plenty more where this came from.
I still feel like I have to work through some bad art to get back into a good groove. Just doing some set up pages. Sucks for webcomics, but will be sweet in a book or binge archive.

I am still working on a side Demon Eater project called RED. It features a backstory to Vinchi and Alpha. Been stuck in a snag because I'm trying to work on a page limit of 16 pages. Going for a self print zine run. May put in Patreon later.
@kikibug: Well there was a whole backpack of them. The spawn are very oily and their genetic material is fragile. These creatures are very weak to fire and high heat. More info on effects of fire later.
It is not the end!
Hey good news! DE now has a buffer until Feb 2nd. That means three updates right away on Friday when they should be! Or you can read em early by supporting me here:
Good times with flares.
Hate to explain but just in case. They can see just fine in their dark world, but when exposed to actual light, their vision goes down significantly. Did this before in the Impossible chapter when the Human Club turned on a flashlight.
@cabbage: I've been working towards a stained glass window look.
@Guest: Trying for once a week.
I blame the pokemon for being late on this update.

Talk going to end soon. Finally.
A lot has happened between the two worlds before Saturno was even born.

We finally got Saturno's age in the actual comic and not just my silly commentary. Saturno is officially 16 years old. Saturno was born not long after the purge.

Answering the question how did all those creatures get so big in so short of a time? Well two chapters ago, Saturno grew several stories high as a big fat yoshi monster.
Right after last update I worked the script and thought this works well.

The story is very MC perspective driven, so Saturno's thoughts right away are "this is BS. I know what you are really getting at." Hope with Saturno's thoughts interrupting her reveal still works.

I was working with the original script and thought it kinda sounded too much like what every comic does. The reveal and the character's shocked reaction.

Saturno feels that he already anticipated she is trying to convince him to return fully to their plan. Maybe he isn't fully processing what she is actually saying. His plan is shut down.

Is it true about the world? Heehee. ;)

It is a lot of what we know anyway. Anyone that tries to eat the world gets consumed by the world. Just like the god Saturno eats his own children to prevent them from taking over.

But this isn't the big reveal of this chapter...
Late but still weekly.

I think folks were expecting this scene but still gotta have it. We have plot. Saturno's motivations change slightly.

Just you wait til Alpha reveals why...
Checking on this again. Miss it. I hope you will finish it someday.
So deep. So real. This is really good.
This may answer a few questions from last page.
It may look like one page, but it's actually two. Believe me.... lol

So a little bit more scenery. That foot in panel 3-5 is so cute.

I have been working on drawing full figures in scenes more. I have been trying to draw more from my head vs using photo and mirror references. Looks a little wonky, but I'm working on improving.

Next week, I'm gonna be busy. Might not have a Friday update. So this page I mean pages today count as two.