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Wishes she had more time to make comics.
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I wish I had the time to do more, but this is all I got this week.

Compared to lizard and bird Saturno, "Red" is a natural hunter.
Oh it got eaten. Oops
I leave you with the brain child. Update Friday.
Hey my cartoon dinosaurs!

Was going to include narration "A few years before Alpha established the Human Club.." but I thought since this was going to be promotion material mini zine, I'd have readers jump into this story blind.

To make up for my missing updates: Update tomorrow!
This is meant to be printed as a short story zine, so I am including all the parts. You can see the character design of RED. I commissioned an old friend of mine to design the creature due to my stuff usually looking like cartoon dinosaurs.

Here is a link to Jess's art gallery. Great creature designs:

Update again at midnight!
March 11th, 2019
@*milk+assassin*: Main story is at The Duck. 18+ only
March 10th, 2019
Taking a year break from posting main story at SJ. Here is the beginning of RED. Please enjoy.
February 25th, 2019
Updating to kill the hiatus.

Important News:
I am considering veering off from the main story and going into a side story at most of my DE sites. I have encountered a snag that may not fix itself for a while. I talked a bit about it on Twitter, but I can't here.

The side story is RED. I have been working on the script on and off for about a year now. Originally planned for it to be Patreon and print only, but circumstances call for it at this time.
January 25th, 2019
Tired and I got to work tomorrow. Venus looks cute! Bye!

Life update: I am currently working on two online classes along with my full time job. I have been concentrating my energies on doing the work for those classes instead of drawing comics. When they are finished I plan to return to updating Demon Eater.
January 22nd, 2019
Not the best panel placement. I really wanted to illustrate Saturno falling. I could have redrew some stuff but I really need to focus on lets-just-update-more-often.

I have posted a bunch of oddball DE art at my Patreon and Twitter accounts. I have also posted some behind the scene stuff at my twitter.


January 11th, 2019
Saturno still thinking about things. If Alpha was lying, you can see how Saturno can be controlled. Saturno has a cautious nature. He will almost always take the least risky path. It almost killed him in the early chapters because he would not take the risk of fighting and hunting.

What's the deal with lack of arms? Well Saturno is more associated with a bird of prey than an angel.(Also a reptile.) So Birdmaaaaaaaaan!
December 15th, 2018
It's been a minute.
The holiday long drives and my job have really swamped my time since last update. Video games certainly have a part in this too.
I've been doing this for years and I still struggle with time, but it feels more crunched than it has ever been.
College: Easy! Work from 6pm til Midnight. Almost everyday.
Navy: Ok! Work on penciling and inking underway. Paint at home.
Full time Civ: Terrible! Working in increments maybe an hour every other day at home only.

(I am hoping to change this lifestyle next year. Planning to move closer to family. Perhaps also a less stressful career also.)

Back to the page. This sets things up for a subplot that answers a lot of questions about Demon Eater that I have received over the years.
The original writing was BOOM they go to the human work right away, but I added a few things that will be really interesting AND that will set things up for future plots in the sequel.
I had a big debate with myself whether I should use Beta as chapter name. I was using it for the wild animal pack term meaning 2nd strongest under alpha. A potential challenger to the alpha.

In popular slang terms beta means a weak pathetic male.

Other ideas I had were Vice or Vice President, but that has a different meanings then what I want.

Anyway… Congratulations Saturno is 2nd strongest of the human club. A long way from Omega. Here he is wearing his classic outfit, but with also an air of confidence.
My gosh finally made it to the end of the chapter and end of book 5 (or was it six?)

Next week Friday there will be a new chapter cover update. Look forward to it.
Update a go! This could have easily been three pages. Lots of panels. Because I had that page where it shows Alpha surviving the land's fire put out, I did not think it was necessary to embellish the emotion on the page. Saturno is surprised. Moving on. One more page til end of chapter and… it's pre-updated for FRIDAY!
This took a long time to draw. I've been working on it every day last week. I never really timed how long it takes to make a page.

I've been listening to Otakudaikun's play through of Fate/Stay Night Visual novel and each session is about 4 hours. I went through 7 parts so... I need to take off some time this week to hit the gym and take YB pictures of events at the place I am working at.
@Guest: DE is on Taptastic but it gets buried fast. Also the way the site reads webcomics makes it really hard to upload the huge archive DE has. Handling SJ, TheDuck, and CF is enough for now. Who knows with the new ownership SJ might be in the up and up.
It's been a while since I updated last. My job right now is ..challenging. I've just been very frustrated in my lack of work on webcomics/my own art and how much I regret all my video game playing(damn you Fate GO) during the summer instead of building a buffer. (Also got two kittens over the summer. Do not regret that.)

There are some jobs where fitting in drawing time works fine and then there are jobs where you are working after hours at home and have no time to work on drawing.

Anyway Let's change the subject! I worked so hard on making Saturno look authenticly happy and not arrogant sleazebag happy. It's important to the plot. He cares now! That's important!

In other news: NHN! Wha Wha What!? I don't know what to think yet! I hope DE doesn't get kicked out for Alpha showing her boobies every page she appears.

Lastly 639 fans! I can't believe it! DE has been here for a few years and I'm glad to see this comic getting noticed. I always kinda put DE in the category of cult hit like only a few certain people would like this kind of story. Maybe moving DE into the sci-fi genre has helped reach people that like this type of sci-fi. Thank you for being patient with me updating DE!
Venus well gosh Venus...

Oh and the burning question: Why the hell are they letting him back??? In my experience at one of my jobs, it was so hard to replace a person even after they made a mistake. It would mean less people doing more work. Going a bit deeper... on a ship when you are limited to so many people(or any kind of limited population survival situation), they all have value. You can always train a person that makes mistakes. Oh and maybe you care more too. Unless they like full out double cross you. Note that we as the audience knows Saturno's thoughts. Venus, Vinchi, and Nike do not.