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Checking on this again. Miss it. I hope you will finish it someday.
So deep. So real. This is really good.
This may answer a few questions from last page.
It may look like one page, but it's actually two. Believe me.... lol

So a little bit more scenery. That foot in panel 3-5 is so cute.

I have been working on drawing full figures in scenes more. I have been trying to draw more from my head vs using photo and mirror references. Looks a little wonky, but I'm working on improving.

Next week, I'm gonna be busy. Might not have a Friday update. So this page I mean pages today count as two.
Awesome updates. Not much more to say right now.
June 30th, 2017
Thank goodness it's back to this style. I like the traditional drawn pages.
Double feature! Two pages in one!

Without all the spawn suckers and other creatures, the demon spawn are running wild.

Congratulations Saturno! You have been promoted to Beta!!!

Saturno's thoughts on 4th panel: I'm not ready yet!
I always get hard on my work whenever I update after a short hiatus. This page was... just get it done so I can continue the story.

Two things happening. Saturno gets a bit carried away with his acting. He can be a decent actor if he wanted to because part of it is convincing himself that it's true. Or maybe he's opening up to Alpha.

Panel 6, I wanted to show it instead of narration. After a good look in the mirror, Saturno decides he actually likes his appearance.

Short talk scene continues. I wish to finish talk scenes asap, due to my dislike of drawing them.

Lastly on a personal note. Been a very busy May this year. Went to a should-have-never-happened family funeral. Graduation. Yearbook publishing. MSP Comicon. My brother's baby was born early.

If DE is late and you want to see the status of an upcoming page, check out my twitter at https://twitter.com/jillyfoo
Look who comes crawling back. ;)
JK glad to see you here.
I think you were on Tapas only updates for a bit right? I'd admit as a reader that site can be very glitchy for reading story comics. So much easier reading here. Well time to catch up.
Maneater wasn't with Alpha's pack, but another.
@The_mad_one: The problem with Fantasy is that it's its own huge genre. That's where most webcomics put themselves into. DE would be buried in the Fantasy genre by all those RPG gamer fantasy webcomics.

I guess the two reasons I thought Sci-Fi was aliens from another planet and biology.

But... I do really like the feature on SG where you just search tags for the comic you are looking for instead of looking for a comic in one of a few different genres.
This is the last chapter of book 6. There's like a bunch of reveals in this chapter. Like pow pow pow! I have been rewriting the script a lot with this chapter... I might need to go over it again to make it run smoother.

It's not a full out genre shift, but I'm starting to move Demon Eater to the Sci-Fi genre on some sites with a slightly different description. The story and tone is the same as I originally planned it, but I thought due to where the story will be going, sci-fi might be a better fit. (You are really going to see that in this chapter.) DE does have some Horror genre aspects, but it really does not go into the common webcomic horror which are stories featuring more supernatural hell creatures such as vampires and ghosts. What do you think? Is Demon Eater more a Horror comic or Sci-Fi comic?

I want to get serious on the 2nd edition of book 2 this summer. Book 2 covers chapters [url=http://demoneater.thecomicseries.com/comics/149/]IX. You Are What You Eat [/url] to [url=http://demoneater.thecomicseries.com/comics/339/]XV. Early Sounds[/url].

I would love to hear some feedback as to what pages could use a redraw. I can't do them all, but if you can pick a couple that could use a 2017 retouch tell me in the comments. I personally was considering a good amount of chapter IX.
@Hakked: For the most part.
@MikaelFox: The Duck aka Drunkduck used to have an RSS feed. Otherwise you can try DE at comicfury.
She seems to be in a good mood despite what has happened.
@Hakked: She remembers him. See this page: http://demoneater.smackjeeves.com/comics/1622157/254-join-the-human-club/

He does not.
I think this turned out pretty nice. Love the silent scream in the last panel.

Did you know that I only planned for Saturno's appearance to develop up to this point http://demoneater.thecomicseries.com/comics/335 at this time(except 16 yrs old). In chapter 9. You are what you eat, I ended up disliking Saturno's ugly character design and gave him a nose and human face sooner than later. Then everything else came sooner than later. It's such a bummer waiting so long to draw up pages to a certain point in a story.

For next weekend, I have a bowling tournament to go to. May or may not be able to update. Also weekend after that is... ANIME DETOUR. woot. I am not selling... but I will be running three panels, 10 Webcomics You should Read Right Now, Japanese Tattoos, their meanings, and coloring fun, and lastly Everything I learned about making manga from Bakuman.

I'm still polishing the panels. Getting them ready so that's another reason, I may not be updating.

Also I do want some extra time in the next couple pages so I can draw them really good. This scene has been in my head for over 10 years.

One more thing, I don't ask too much from you readers, but I was wondering if I can get 2 of you to join Smack Jeeves and fave Demon Eater so Demon Eater can have 500 fans.
500 is a nice solid number and it's been lingering at 497 for a while... I know I am getting a good amount of visitors. I'm sure I can come up with some kind of reward for making it past the 500 fan threshold...
Reminds me of me when I took on a new job late last year. Everyone missed the last person. So much to live up to.
It's rare I make a seven panel page, but I really wanted to get this talk scene done and over with. Ended with a nice little cliffhanger too.
February 5th, 2017
Ok so I read the policy on SJ about sexual content. To be safe, next page update 724 will be skipped at SJ. If you are of the appropriate age you can check it out at www.demoneater.com or http://demoneater.thecomicseries.com/comics/752