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Nice to meat you!
I'm Aidyn, a snail in a human shell.
Artist Statement:
Putting smiles on faces of those sodomized by Mr.Life. Whether through my comics or with a knife.
Enter my comics at your own risks. Warning, weirdness overload.
@bookworm: ^^ yAY! Thank you! Then I'm doing something right lolz.
I have more comics on my DA =D
Just pretend that this is epic-ly colored.
I injured my hand and don't wanna push it with the details.

But I still wanna draw…Merry Christmas!
made in paint.
December 21st, 2013
I'm slightly intrigued by the storyline so far.

^^' Try to differentiate your character appearances more. Other than the hair colors…they all look alike.

Cute, but too similar. OK YOU CAN KILL ME NOW. lol
No where.
no where.
HAHAHA yes. Tickle him with the tail. Tickle him to death lo lololol
Lol the humor~
Hahaha I'm liking this already
I love your coloring of the bg. It's all mystical XD.
Hehehe he can be my nightmare any day
That phone thou!
=D Love the details & coloring.
I take my last question back lol sorry.
is he sleeping in a coffin?
Yes, hide behind a desk…
bad guy NEVEr looks there.