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I like read almost everything: novels, comics, ensays, wikipedia entrys, whatever. I'd like to draw or tell stories but I'm too much shy and lack the confidence enough to do it. I also like to programme applications and software programmes in Android, Java, C and such. English is not my native language, it's Spanish.
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    Francisco Navi­o Mora
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Louie used puppy eyes!
It's super effective!
He should have brought a cake and an apologize note: "Sorry for stabbing you"
@Rakewn: Oh. Well, that explains many things.
Good story, by the way. I'm dying to know how their reaction will be when she opens the door.
Seriously?. They hear a claw hiting their door and the only thing they ask is "did you invite anyone over"?. "Don´t you invite any bear, do you?". "Nope". "Nor Freddy Krueger?". "Not that I can remember..." .And why they don't have a doorbell?, what are they, cavemen?
Why don't you try ringing the doorbell?