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~ Cellphone and Computer Addict Creature
~ Boyish
~ Megane
~ Warfreak
~ Lazy
~ Selfish
~ Otaku
~ Yuri & Yaoi Lover
~ Bathroom Singer.. Kitchen Dancer.
~ Tiger-look Eyes.
~ I'm not rich like you so don't expect anything from me.
~ I'm a reader wanting to be a good writer.
~ I love chocolate, strawberry and ice cream.
~ I'm not good at sports but i play volleyball
~ I want to learn karate and how to play guitar.
~ A little bit music lover.
~ I'm just a simple person.
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Poor Ink.. I feel sorry for that lil' kid :'(
Can I have Ink ? He's too cute ☺ I wanna hug Ink so tight.. Gaaaah.. I really love that lil' thing.. :3