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i am just a guy who likes to hear other peoples story's
rather than boast his own i am a Major gamer i always want to be the hero but when im not im gunning down my
enemy's who stand in my way cutting my way to victory
but when the day is done i just want to wait and listen.
also i have a soft spot for Pokemon......DON'T judge!
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unfortunately ill have to be a thief cause i want me one of those hats~! *SWIPE*
OH gawsh here we go!
EEEEEE its so good to see this comic revitalized and so far the art is on a whole new level, its good to see you again silver ^^
@andreya225: dass a 10/10 menhng~ *reall heavy jersey accent
NO WAY! thier are so MMMMMMMANY more perks of being an umbreon! were fly~ suuuuuuper shmexy and we GLOW IN thE DArK we have soft furrrrrr and were SUPPER COOL! and we can see in the dark an an and even MORE STUFF! QwQ
@andreya225: HEH all the best bloody good puns are comeing out today and theirs no bloody end to it X3
@andreya225: the theme song for when this becomes a tv show on prime time networking
@andreya225: thats bloody amassing work there drey OUO
awwwwwww some one needs a portal song to ch-
|*3 some one needs a stupid short eevee song~ to chear them up involveing cake lies and sweet feelings to teh family members.
X3 even when the twins are scared they look so floooooooooooooofy and adorable X3 they definately give nya a run for her monney
BLLLOOD ON OUR HANDS as we quest though distant lands, lady lucks on our side~ as we swiiim against the tide *instrumental*
@andreya225: *eye glows* evyrones in for a (great) bad time~
@andreya225: |3 i love how dark ya are~
I LOvE vay O'A'O you wana go trike i sware ill wreck ya face, chew ya up and spit you out texas style son~ come on Tennessee lets see what you got *growls*
>:T ,,, evryone rally the eevees tonight we overthrow the tyrant known as glaceon/blizz
NYAH HA HA HA~ ...... .3. i found em all~ *wiggles butt*