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I love yaoi, from reading it, to writing it, to occasionally drawing it- i absolutely love it. I don't know if that makes me a perv, but if it does, then this fluffy teen is more then happy to be one.

Actually, I have an account in Fanfiction. For those who haven't heard of it, its at, and its basically just people sign up (its free by the way) and take characters from animes, or shows, or books (they have a list), and they make up their own stories with those characters. Kind of like a doushinji, except no drawing, just written stories.

Anyways, i have the same pen name for that account too, and if ya want, look me up. I like writing sasunaru yaoi- they are just so freakin' cute together!

(*fangirl squeal*)

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OMGAWWD YOU HAVE TO UPDATE!! I am in love with this story and the colors and the art!! AWWW~
awww!! PRETTTY!!! :)
hahahaha I love the little symbolic penis thats amazing hehehe I love the story line for this manga!! Its soooo cute~
I do not understand how you can draw like this... wow.. just wow!
This is amazing!! I love your art- very beautiful!!
eye popping mouth dropping outstanding...whoever drew this just made my heart love to meet the artist
i love you! yes i do!! cuz i missed this comic soooo much and im glad that your back- i hope to see more updates soon! i love your art and this storyline sooo please please keep it up THANKS IM A HUGE FAN!! :)
ur art is so good n i is so excited to see what will happen next..yaoi rape perhaps?? lol XD cant wait!!! i miss u n im waitin but plz hurry!! :) i need this comic!
dont wrry so much this page looks amazin as always n if u need to take a break or take a couple days longer to do updates then do it...ur loyal fans will wait!! seriously! just chillax a little :)
i so excited that trsih-man is back!! ..i missd him *tear
im so glad that u actually update i hate waiting for months to find out wat happend..u freakin rock for that!! cant wait cant wait!!
February 21st, 2008
yea u updated!!
omg taki just stand up, slowly back away and...I SAID NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS TAKI NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS!!
RAAAR!!! oh god- its coming towards us!!! RUN TAKI RUN!! =]
omg that was soo funny becuz it was such non-sense. i totally agree- i hate sasunaru fanfics that involve one of the characters gettin pregnant. THEY R MEN!!! gawd- sum ppls really need to retake sex-ed cuz thats just sad. serially tho this made me laugh so hard. i totally agree, n i luv that naru's first thought is that sasu just has a godzilla-sized poop!!

i love those guys- flippin hilarious...and i really do luv ur comic, so welcome back...but whens travis and taki comin back in??? i really luv those two and im hopin for more drama w 'em. like what will taki do when he finds out that travis is being sexually abused by his dad??

i luv u for comin back with updates- pwease keep 'em up!!! XD
omg omg OMG!!!! ur back yeas!!!!!!!!! i missed u sooo damn much why did u leave us why WHY!!?!?! anyways glad ur back- n cant wait for more updates!
omg omg omg i absolutely luv this comic!!! im ovr here layin in bed readin this n screamin' just f@#% him already!!! i luv gay guys n i luv the smexy punky one...sooos cute...n that he calld the other d00d princess was hilarious!!! please hurry n update this comic- i hearts it alotssss...u just made urself a new fan XD
happy late the question is is jade going to want trish to keep dressing like a girl for him, or will he want to go out with the man beneath the makeup??? hnn....
oooo- i new it!!!!!! im ryte arent i?!?! jades gonna blackmail him into becoming his sex slave!! his boy toy!! his treasure when he wants to play butt-pirate!! XD
hehe- that was a good one...XD
omg that is sooos wrong! hes gonna black mail him into becomin his sex toy isnt he?!?!? omg omg omg omg omg!!!!
no please not the cliffhanger!! NOOOO!!!! what is it- what does he want him to wait for...omg omg omg - pleasee dont leave me hangin here like that!!!!!
i love this comic...serially...its my favorite one off of smackjeeves, no joke