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A very suitable place to tackle someone
This has been such a charming comic and I'm glad there'll still be more because it's gonna be hard for me to say goodbye lol
I can relate to Takashi so much haha. The moment I started questioning my sexuality it was the only thing on my mind for months. And years. I'm still confused.
Really glad to see he's making an effort.

This comic warms my heart and breaks it at the same time.
I've never been mad at either of them. They're just victims of a difficult situation and confusing emotions. And if any blame were to be cast, honestly I think they've both had a play in making the situation worse. I'm not blaming them though. I just want them to be happy. ;n;
I'm strangely proud of them for actually finishing after that horrific beginning lol.
Congrats on your newfound freedom! Exams are the worst.
The censor hearts are multiplying
I have a hard time remembering tapas and webtoons exist so usually when comics move there that's pretty much the end of me reading them but I'll try my best for this comic. ;n; Maybe if I get better at remembering to use those sites I can finally catch up on comics from years ago haha
Merry Christmas! :>
Slip him into some nice, comfortable handcuffs.
A+ problem solving. Perfect solution.
Starting the chapter with a bang
Ooo things gon' get spicy this chapter
@amanduur: Oh you're so sweet. I'm really hard on myself about my art so getting such nice compliments from someone I look up to as an artist is the warmest feeling.
@amanduur: I know you replied to my comment on the last page but I'll say it here instead. Thank you so much for the compliment on my art! ;u; You seriously made my day.
This is adorable I'm dying
Hiro how can you say no to this
Happy birthday! :>
Well that's one way to exit a conversation.
I'm sure they'll get there eventually. They've still got several hours to figure it out.