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@MegSyv: I'll bet Tistle has had some experience with that magic.
More like TABLE BEATER! Ami right. *crickets*
Congratulations on getting the date figured out! And moving to LA, wow. Big news, big news. Wishing you the best!

P.S. My sister said something similar about her characters getting personalities and attitudes all on their own. I think that's kind of funny and kind of cool at the same time!
@MegSyv: I wonder how many times people wanted to cast Orrig as the monster in those stories. I'll bet he was annoyed at the number.
Except, unlike most horror movies, the main characters are smart enough to periodically check in. (lovin the new intro!)
Oooooooooooooo! A dragon! I love ut!
They sure do calm down quick don't they? Also Brent's face in the second panel is hilarious.

Keep up the good work!
Hey hey hey! Congrats!

Pfft! Hahahhaha! Brent and Lyra being scared of a bee!
So much for Lyra being a responsible drunk huh? Something tells me this isn't the first time this has happened with Brent. Bonus points for Orrig!
Man, just the name Rufilio sounds haughty!

Also...*whislte* that is a NICE early Christmas present! Merry early Christmas to you.
Why can't Brent get drinks? And why does Thistle not like to be touched? I don't think he was going for the hood.

Also loving that mechanical arm!
I can't say I've had many interactions with homeless people, but none of them were bad. People need to realize that homeless people are just that. People without a home; but they're still people. A good number of them are veterans too.

...hoo, okay. Rant done. All good now.
I have a spiral I use to take notes from church...but I haven't done that in a while. I really need to get back to that. =/

So this isn't the first time she's been run out of a town...the plot thickens!
Wait...if that guy is selling phones, mp3 players, furbies and the like; does that mean that this is really in the future?!

*brain explodes, ewwww*
@MegSyv: Can't say that I have. I've heard that it's very good though; I'll be sure to read up on that!
Not much of a morning (if it is morning) person is she?

I spy with my little eye...two cameos on a roof.
Orrig question
Hahaha, Orrig smacking Brent on the back of the head!

Orrig, have you often had to tell Lyra to wait outside because of her short fuse?