I like to watch anime and cartoons, read manga and webcomics. I also like to listen to music. Current favourites are: Kagerou Project! :D

I also enjoy reading more then you'd think c:

People's comics on here were so amazing!

I got inspired to join and make some of my own!

Note: For most of my small art, please look to my DeviantArt!

Gender Identity: TBA one day.
February 10th, 2016
Doodles of some new characters and the original two in andy and linus' uniform! ;u;

I hope you guys like the new characters introduction!
January 17th, 2016
@fluffyfluffs: do it or not do it... I think lets not embarrass them anymore. >U> poor children.
Character Page Again Again Again
Melody "Mel" Brown, one of the schools main student Scientists. She's always the one to cause the biggest messes in the school. She's roommates with Lona, which causes fun as making a mess in the science room is actually aganinst the school rules.

Mel has an obvious crush on Lona, but Lona cant see that >U>
Character Page Again Again
Lona "Lonnie" Adams, the student council president. Very strict with the rules. she dislikes it when people break school rules. She has some issues with her roommate/crush. also she's a year older then Kris and Steph. c:
Character Page Again
Kristin "Kris" Walker. She's really sporty, kind, caring. Seen as the "Prince" of the school. You may think because she's popular, she act like it. but nope. Kris is actually more of the caring popular kid rather then the annoying ones we see a lot. Also Kris doesnt care about body type. She thinks everyone is beautiful.

Kris and Stephanie will be room-mates and also have crushes on each other how cute :D
and so our character pages begin.

This is Stephanie "Steph" Beckham. Our main character~! also incase your wondering. i accidently realized i made her very similar to Delmocrab's characters Linus and Andy (from Wrong Answer) and i basically said to Delmo "can she be their child" so... technically now Steph is their daughter. Child. thing.

Older Andy and Linus (with different names-) will appear in this because Delmo's fine with it~ go read wrong answer too btw! because i will be referencing it in my comic! :D
Sorry its late ;u;
Sorry this is sooo late ;u; *sob sob sob*

here's a scan of the main characters! ;u;

full names are:

Stephanie "Steph" Beckham
Kristin "Kris" Walker
Lona "Lonnie" Adams
Melody "Mel" Brown

going to be updating 4 pages with the more full body pics :D
SO. i had this idea for ages after reading Wrong Answer by Delmocrab (funny huh. yaoi inspired a yuri-)

anyways! Yuri-Lily begins now! Updates will pretty much every friday and i will TRY to keep it regular! forgive me if i forget and dont worry. someone will yell at me to draw an update- XD

with that said. Page 1 will be either next week or later today c: im deciding if i have enough enegry to draw or not lol :P
The Beginning
Well here's the first chapter. had a bit of problems so been editing it. hopefully this version works DX
I understand your pain bro.
Oh you cuties you <3

Seriously, this is kinda gonna end up being a yaoi-yuri mix isn't it?
just read the title >=3
poor babu
I WANT MORE XDseriously you have the best characters :33

Can we have some crossdressing percy one day? :33
10 Chapters! :D yays!
aw this page is a beauty~ and yes i'm glad that he isn't hiding secrets <3 good little kai I want to hug Kai!!! <3 also don't worry about the art trade take your time <3 kay~! <3

I wanna play this now :D
Yus more crossdressing... maybe keiran crossdressing!
pft sparkles.

Hisoka needs some alone time!! :P
and Takao >=3

Poor babus *huggles the sad guy* I need to remember your ocs names... I need a chibi list of their names XD

Aw he's so sad babu
Im totally not dead.

I also like to update these things really late at night in my country... Its 1AM here ;-;

I'm sleeping after this...



Kenny has made his first appearance inside the comic, Butters got a nosebleed after his nose hit the locker (not from the girl you sillies!!!) and Ngu is panicking cuz butters got hurt.


Soon to join the comic be Cartman and Kyle, Stan and Wendy, Craig and Tweek... and the rest.

if certain characters are missing... don't bug me about them not being in. I lack the ability to draw well so of course certain characters will lack.

Anyways. If anyone reads this. I wanna know who the teacher should be!

A new teacher!

tell me people!