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Hey everyone! I'm redlasereye!
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@Mopwop >Wake up in your bed at home, realizing you were on crack the day before. You still have the sword in your hands.
July 8th, 2015
Haha the Army's emblem looks kinda like a USB symbol.
You have failed Smokey. Prepare to Die.
Yay! Revenge!
Keep it up!
Really fantastic! I like it so far!
I want to see MasterComic submit a command sometime...

>Switch out with Pepsi and tell him to attack Zarrus.
February 17th, 2015
Nice TARDIS ;)
What if Looker was David Tennant as the 10th Doctor?!?!? The Doctor doesn't give out his real name, and I guess he is somewhat a detective...
>Get the old man that you stabbed and ask Katelynn to heal him!
I love the styling in this page! Especially the 3rd panel for some reason.
Thanks for the update :D. Love the fire wording and effects
"Hello, I'm a clock!"
@yamilink: But you know that stuff doesn't wash out!
@NaginiFay: Go back 2 pages. First panel shows his entire face
The last fight was kinda predictable.
But now, I don't know!!!
@Estarflame: Haha, total SAO moment
Ah finally, my suspicions are confirmed!
Yea why doesn't he use those more often?