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a halting machine
a haunting disease
a halting machine
a haunting disease
a halting machine
a haunting disease
a man with no release
a man with no release.
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    A Man With No Release
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yeah if you hold it up to the flame for a while, it tastes real bad and is super harsh, but its alright
against me
was sickening
(i lied)
orange poof will end april 2008 with an animated movie chronicling the death of orange poof.
the last one?
lazen and i reminisce about the good times.
it looks like i got taller i think i did
life is getting more to an extreme
better? worse?
ask tomorrow.
the orange poof team of orange poof, orange poof, and orange poof have collectively enjoyed your comic
thank you for enjoying ours
you are wise and we are happy that you are our friend
we like you more than baby or grown up jesus
in her defense i was part of a /b/ raid

no im not drawing anime
actually seriously no fuck that
spasm spasm spasm
new mini-series
i update this whenever i want stupid msn/aim/yahoo conversations

if you say something funny-worthy it may get in here but don't try too hard assholes
this guy was amazing no srsly
jesus he was cool he tailed us across the convention hall floor
that drawing is real
and yeah it cost me a dollar

dollar incredibly well spent in my humble opinion
i wanted to draw orange poof as a human i guess idk
hey guys sup
orange poof and his friend kenny the cool nerd at a comic convention oh dear what wacky antics will come of this
i cracked up at this
But it's based on two different true stories colliding and merging like the end of psychonauts

except i lost my bandana
i made this a long time ago
when tyler was over

this is why i made no comics, sure.

fucking fallout crashes whenever monsters attack me.