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-i like manga and anime ^^^
-im not really into shounen ai or yaoi
-i love stuffed animals and kawaii stuff!!^0^
-i have two sides, one side that is cute and adorable and the other which is hypo!!! >.>
-im very popular among guys! (just kiddin)^^;
- people say that i look like im 8 ^^
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the next page... >___________>;; yea...kirio's first impression of takehashi isnt too good....'_';;
for those who don't understand the last panel...kirio gets chosen as one of the class presidents...then the other class president would be....dadadadaaaaaaaaa....
can anyone uppdate? this is boring!
nice page!!
November 19th, 2007
lets go shopping!!! >0<
no...dont die kitty....TT_TT
hehe this is soooooo cute!! nice work with the colouring!! ^ ^
hehe... the teacher looks funny....takehashi doesn't have a mouth in the last panel
oooohhhh......nice work!! keep it up !!!!! ^_^
November 1st, 2007
thats sooo pretty^^ love your art!!!
dog is sooo cute and innocent!! thanx 4 the update!!
whoa...his pants are falling...XD
this is cool...
im gonna fav this!!
this is the coloured copy of the filler...
oh! just to tell u..kimichii isnt shorter than kirio they are about the same height...
hehe...a filler!!
the girl nex to kirio is her best friend Kimichii!!!

this is just a sketch though...
hehe....soz for not uploading 4 soooo long...anyways here is the 6th page!!

September 5th, 2007
oooooohhhhh...... whats gonna happen nex???? i really wanna know!!! ^0^
HAHAHAHAHA they look so cute together!!
i want to have an auto mode toooo!!! WAAAAA~!!
sorry for not uploading for so long ( i was studying for this common test!! ^^;;)anyway here is the 5th page....i changed the hair style a bit....hope u like it!! ^^