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My main go-to hobby is manga and music. I only do sketches here and there... nothing serious or worth discussing...
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This is too good... Love the foreshadowing of new character. The use of black branch like designs to state the appearance of "Master." AMAZING. Added awesome point for the scared bunnies as well(consistent focus on details+++++++++!!!).

apologies for my choppy sentences. It's quite late and I had a long day... but could not stop from commenting on this awesome piece. Already second time reading it.
The Mentor
Elements of a good story-telling... We already have a role established for the new character <33333 Reader can also rely on the bubbles to say who said what. The color and the design helps establish the voice of each character. Love the contradiction on Miss Doll's and Ink's voice. Long fluid sentence v. Short concise sentence. Demanding and fact-of-matter voice v. Diminutive and dainty voice. <333333
Title explains all. Introduction of new character and as you state, the real start of the webcomic. Love the word bubbles. It makes it easier for readers to know whose saying what. It must be hard for you to draw them every time? Reflection of the rabbits from the tiled floor = added awesome points. The lamps and the wall's eerie cold tone = AMAZING.
December 26th, 2013
... you are a perfectionist. Goodness gracious. Can I just say one word nad be happy? NO I cannot. I almost feel like this cover deserves a full page of comments on the details, the shades, the colors, and the depth... Font is amazing. This fluid cloud-like font is very fitting for the theme(if you drew it yourself 10^10000000000 extra awesome points). The Nightmare's gaze toward the crescent moon makes it mysterious and for some reason a bit sad.
Good gawd.... oh gawd... give me a moment so my eyes can adjust to this extreme adorable-ness. OH MY GAWD too cute... The shading on the rabbits are extremely well done. I can practically see the fluffiness of the rabbits. Its painful to not be able to reach through the screen and just pet the rabbits. Back to Nightmare... oh gawd. Building characters... solid. The reader knows he is a "Nightmare" and that he can make things...
Haha, I didn't see your comment about it being a "children's book" style until I posted my comment. Which shows, that your intention was well delivered and noted :) Love the transition from the children's book to more comic form. This also is a symbolic transition from a hazy formless dream to a more concrete one. Especially the use of detail and color. You go from almost solid colors to gradient to details and gradient. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Theme established. Wow! Simply amazing. You managed to inform the reader of the theme in simply three pages. Love the use of sheep as the dream (which is a good play on counting sheep). The color contrast is very appropriate :) The focus toward the middle and the hands that extend like a shadow makes it eerie in an intriguing way. Your wording is also very interesting. The one sentence pages really do make it feel like this is something a parent would read to his/her child as they get ready for sleep.
Can't even... How long does it take you to do a page? Far too impressive to say that you are an amateur. I like the depth you create within the pic by the use of sheep. Consistency on the drawing is a plus as well. <3
Great color schemes. Continuation of the color theme found in your cover. The horizontal view gives a children's fairy-tale like feeling. Not sure if that was intentional but it is very fitting.